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Markets: View from the Top

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The US stock markets are one of the last markets on Earth to top. They’ve been propped up by the US Federal Reserve’s questionable decision to print obscene amounts of money and make interest rates so small that the average person (who doesn’t know any better) borrows money they can’t possibly pay back once the interest rates start to go up.

Governments are generally in the business of inflating (lowering the value of our money) because it allows them to borrow more, which in turn puts us at greater risk of default.

Governments make promises of free “stuff” so that they can stay in office. They spend our money to make good on those promises. Most of the money they use, they borrow. When it comes time to pay it back, we (the taxpayers) are on the hook for it.

Most recently, the US government has been printing money at a greater rate than at any time in history. To get that money into the economy, they give it to the banks. However, because the economy is so shaky, few businesses want to borrow it. So the banks speculate, by putting it in the stock market. While the rest of the economy stagnates, the market goes up.

That is a rather simplistic explanation of the path to the place we’re in now. We’re bankrupt.

Check out the debt clock if you haven’t been there lately. Be forewarned: It’s scary!

Go here for a closer look at the chart of the DOW. You’ll also find the chart of the similarity between today and 1929.

The world is in denial. Governments are fighting like crazy to make everyone think everything is OK. But the truth is, they’ve spent all our money and they’re now all insolvent. There’s no way out.

It’s important you know this and prepare for the inevitable. Sign up for more videos. Or leave a comment.

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