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April Showers

… Brings May Flowers

WWIII continues to ramp up. It should do so into the start of the week, then the timing becomes muddy in terms of what happens when exactly. However, it’s looking more and more like we’ll see the shutdown and Great Awakening starting on the 25th/26th, so Thursday/Friday.

Last weekend, the talk was about Iran bombing Israel, which they did (in the movie). We had Israelis telling us online that nothing was really happening in Israel.

Late last week, Israel returned the favour and supposedly bombed Iran. Not really, of course, because all the action is part of the script, with the purpose of waking up the people who are asleep and helping to act as an explanation of what’s going on behind the scenes (a cover, if you will). I keep having to repeat this fact that we’re watching a movie play out because people have a hard time disconnecting from the boob tube. Their minds have been compromised. They equate reality with what they see on television, which it is certainly not.

This is much of the problem. They continue to buy into the propaganda perpetrated by the Deep State, through the media, which is all owned by the Mossad (or was). You’re now seeing the gradual shift as the Alliance (the military) is in full control of the narrative. The unfolding narrative (the movie script) is for the purpose of waking up as many souls as possible before we launch the Great Awakening, which I expect to happen this week.

The Moon plays a big part in the narrative, as well. The Moon is not real (it’s really a sort of spaceship, or starship) and many have noticed it’s not where it should be sometimes.

The solar eclipse on April 8 was not a natural phenomenon. The Sun and Moon were not lined up to cross paths, so it was “orchestrated” (as a distraction) while the military did their work above and below ground in the finger lakes area of the northern US.

A recent Q alert regarding DECON 1 being in place. WWIII is ramping up towards the climax.

The other important Moon-related happening is that we’re now on the Lunar Calendar, or will be officially on May 6. I had said two weeks ago that April 8 was the beginning of the new year. I was wrong on the month, but correct on the day. It was actually the beginning of March on the Lunar Calendar, which means May 6th on the Gregorian calendar will be New Year’s Day (because our new calendar starts on April 1) on the Lunar Calendar. That’s coming up fast, and everything needs to be complete by that date.

April 1will start the major flow of money out to the larger population (April showers) so that by May 1 on the new Lunar Calendar, we’ll be starting to rebuild the world, and for many, our lives!

Video Update

The Global Reset is happening with the new currencies in banks around the world and GESARA (on an international level) having been announced to the media long ago. This week, we’re nearing the end of our journey, at last. The STORM is here! 600K indictments are being opened and mass arrests are in progress. I expect this week to see the stock market top (finally) along with all the other signs we’re been expecting, moving to the shutdown before the end of the week. Let’s pray for no more delays. Easter is the timeline. The schedule is in the video.


This week, the Moon will also play an important part in the transition to a new world. There’s a full moon on Tuesday, April 23 (Gregorian), which is when I’m expecting to see the balance of the 34 satanic buildings (list further below) destroyed as part of a “terrorist attack” related to WWIII. That should, I believe, lead into the Emergency Broadcast System firing up before the end of the coming week.

WWIII, as I stated, it’s not real. This is a movie; there’s not actually much going on in Israel, other than the fact that the population is rising up, demanding Netanyahu’s resignation, which is immiment. Everything you see on main stream media is scripted for the main purpose of explaining what’s going on for the “normies” — those folks who have not woken up to reality (have not left the “Matrix”) during the past seven years of “soft exposure of the corruption surrounding us. It’s everywhere, for all to see.

The actual events have all taken place some time ago. That’s what the military does before they reveal the situation to the public. There is also the issue that President Trump needs to be oblivious to the situation, so that he is not involved in the revolution itself; he must appear to be a “bystander.”

Trump standing in the doorway of Congress above the fray, as we see the fake Matt Gaetz in the foreground.

Historically, wars don’t affect the stock market, but in this case, it seems the military is trying to tie the market top into the climax of this ongoing movie script.

My understanding is that the market top has to happen before the Great Awakening (lockdown for worldwide video playback). The war also has to culminate with a strike on the US in order to bring in visible martial law with military positioned on the streets. We also need an electrical shutdown to switch us to the new electrical system. There’s a lot expected to happen this week.

But, as I said, the stock market top (and crash) is critical to the rest of the events scheduled to play out in the very near future. One of the imminent events being forecast is the arrest of Trump due to his breaking of a gag order that’s been placed on him by the judge in his case. There is no question the arrest of a sitting president would bring in the military.

📁 My Educated Guess on Key Events This Week:

This is somewhat speculative. We know the “Trump card” is coming, but we don’t actually know what that means. It will be something big that “ends the game.”

    1. Highways in US continue to shut down – Weekend
    2. Trump Rally for Saturday in North Carolina (cancelled due to a building storm. However, his plane was already on it’s way farther south) He called down to the crowd to tell them he couldn’t land “because a storm was coming.”
    3. Trump Arrest for breaking gag order? – Monday?
    4. WWIII nuclear stand-off – through Monday/Tuesday?
    5. 34 buildings, dams, etc. bombed, blackout? – Tuesday night? (full moon)
    6. Military to the Rescue/Biden gone? – Tuesday/Wednesday? (market top?)
    7. Revaluation, financial reset begins? – Wednesday?
    8. Emergency Broadcast System fires up? – Thursday? (start in UK)
    9. Freedom Day – Monday, May 6 (April 1 of Lunar New Year)

On the Lunar Calendar, there’s some confusion as to whether it’s Monday or Tuesday that’s the 15th of March. My research tells me it’s Monday (the Ides of March)!

Above, on the left, is the new international lunar calendar provided to us my Patrick Kennedy (one of the Kennedy twins, we believe). There are 28 days in each of the thirteen months. Each month starts on a new moon. The new year starts on April 1.

On the right is the Gregorian Calendar, with the inset March dates (white on black bars) overlaid. Today is Sunday, April 23 on the Gregorian Calendar, but it’s also March 14 on the Lunar Calendar.

This information with the graphic came out at this morning at about 11:07 am.



  • – 04.  DAYS
  • – 11.   HOURS
  • – 53.  MINS

To me, this is a comm that’s pointing to Thursday night at midnight. The video below also came out this morning. At the end, it’s warning us of the impending shutdown.

It’s clear we’re at the turning point.

But, why is it taking so long? “The number of sealed indictments exceeds 600K worldwide….and some wonder why this shit takes so long. Even with 5 worldwide prison islands, and US Carrier groups holding tribunals…how many cases of treason and crimes against humanity can be prosecuted per day?” (from the Telegram app)

Where are we now? Here is the intel I have as of today:

Major highways in the US are continuing to shut down this weekend. The public has been told to stock up on necessities. The FBI is calling for you to watch for terrorist events (like the 34 satanic buildings being bombed — PT). Trump’s scheduled rally in North Carolina was cancelled at the last minute due to a very large STORM INCOMING. Hmmm. Is that a military comm?

We’ve experienced the Sky Event (the eclipse). Next is the water event, I believe and that will involve more bridges, as well as dams around the world to be taken down. There’s more on the projected schedule of events below.

We have a trainload of possible events stacked up that would potentially move the market in a BIG WAY. The script IS coming to an end and we’re starting to see some major predicted events unfold, such as the expose of FISA, which will “bring down the house.”

What are the possible events coming up?

    • the death of Charles III and the end of the Crown
    • a major bank collapse (public announcement)
    • the US government complete shutdown announced (end of the US CORP)
    • the removal of Joe Biden (although I think this has to happen after the war is complete, which looks like it has a nuclear stand-off still to happen, like the original Bay of Pigs scenario of 1961)
    • NESARA GESARA (or the end of debt, which is much the same thing) announced publicly
    • the return of Donald Trump (publicly) as President and overturning of the 2020 federal election

A war (and this one will be averted) does not historically have any affect on the stock market. Nonetheless, we have a lot of events sitting in the wings, which makes it impossible to know how the powers that be are going to play this out.

But, it’s an extraordinary time, and it’s become obvious in the past months that the military is in control of everything, as well as the market. They are seemingly coordinating everything to reach a climax at the same time (more or less) by controlling the timing on the dollar.

The dollar (DXY) remains near an interim high, in a contracting triangle.  The triangle iis now looking more symmetrical and it’s more likely (in my humble opinion) that we’re at a top.

The market top is supposed to come first, before “DECLAS,”  which refers to ten days of video playback.

What should we be expecting? UPDATE


The event (which we’re apparently in the midst of) will span approximately three days, drawing inspiration from the Bay of Pigs incident. 

Following this, there will be a 10-day Earth shutdown and the activation of the Military Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) broadcasted globally on TVs and radios. 

More False Flags are Imminent. (below is a list of potential events by Whiplash via the Telegram application (can’t verify accuracy of this information):

They are going to use Osama Bin Laden to hijack lots of Jets to fly them into Worldwide cities = WorldWide 911 Event. He was not killed, that was a body double. This will all be about exposing Israel, Netanyahu and the Mossad. = Israeli Mossad will Stand Down.

Snow White = Major CIA Servers, Also Hillary Clinton and Lady Diana.

GodFather3 at the end of movie The Pope dies. 3 taps on the forehead with a silver hammer. Silver prices will skyrocket. Silver will be backing STELLAR as GOLD will for RIPPLE. You have the diagrams. JFK Snr E011110.

Pope’s Death is 13 days 4 & 9 just like King Charles  [3 & 10]

The Flood > Assange he has all the info for the takedown of Switzerland, UBS, Credit Suisse etc. Remember the Pope’s Swiss Guards quit.

Concurrently, governments worldwide will be temporarily disbanded, accompanied by further arrests. 

Subsequently, the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA/GESARA) Blockchain Elections will be initiated, ushering in governments reduced to 10% of their current size, with entirely new personnel.

This transformative endeavor, known as Quantum GESARA or TRUMPSARA, encompasses various facets of advancement, including the Quantum Financial System, Quantum Voting System, Quantum Healing, and Quantum Physics. 

The transition extends to the digital realm with the Quantum Internet, symbolizing a comprehensive shift toward quantum technology.

Under GESARA, currency undergoes a transformation, with NESARA (in the US) introducing Rainbow “Treasury” Notes backed by precious metals, augmented by the integration of Quantum Starlink and internationally regulated USA Coins adhering to ISO20022 standards, also backed by metals.

Furthermore, the Quantum Voting System (QVS) revolutionizes blockchain technology, departing from conventional approaches. 

The Quantum Internet overhaul entails a complete reboot, eliminating existing entities such as Microsoft, as the current internet infrastructure is likened to Operation Mockingbird, entailing centralized control and manipulation. 

Media outlets and publications, previously influenced by entities like the Mossad, will undergo restructuring, eliminating ownership ties and biases. 

Private intelligence entities, including those affiliated with UK Royals, will be dissolved, leaving Military Intelligence as the sole intelligence authority.


Deep Fakes Reaches New Levels

It’s a movie! Here’s an example of the technology being used in some instances online to create characters that are appear absolutely real but are completely FAKE. VASA-1 created this video from a single piece of image and audio. The video you’re seeing is 100 percent artificial intelligence. It can be done to anyone today. They can take your photo and record your voice and say anything on your behalf.


The Emergency Broadcast System Incoming!

(There were warnings this morning of expected flooding in a couple of states just this morning).

    • Military in training for Implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System
    • This will ensure everyone is safely placed in their home and able to witness the historical moment that reveals all of the truths, cover ups etc. through the E B S which is imminent.
    • There must be a test and then a review of all occurrences and activities. The possible implications on a National and Global level can be quite complicated so things must be in alignment to the protocols. Yes there are many consequences if things aren’t done with precision and perfection. This is the practice run before the real one folks to see responses and accuracy to what is forthcoming which changes humanity.
    • We hear the schedule is now finally firm, but again I’m just the messenger. Be ready to adjust if needed in regards to possible time changes. Only a select few know the moment of exact and precise timing of events. For security and other obvious reasons it must be properly kept private.
    • The E B S is going to air playing an 8 hour video. It will be replaying 3 times a day for 10 days Communication Darkness. During those 10 Days of Communication Darkness the following things will happen.
    • We will receive 7 “Trumpets “ aka E B S text messages on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV at this time.
    • Our phones will only work for 911 and we are informed the Signal App, which is military encrypted will be available.
    • Our internet will not work during that time. Our ATM’s will not work. After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we will connect to a new quantum internet.
    • People are urged to stock up on at least three weeks of food and water. Be prepared with food, water, toilet paper, generators etc. for this great awakening reveal.
    • We are promised the new Star-link Internet System by the end of the month.
    • As we speak the teams coordinating this important historic event are revamping the E.B.S to ensure the utmost security for all involved so remain patient as things get finalized. They want to make certain there are not any interferences of any sort at all. Those making the plan want no one to panic whatsoever because it’s simply the release of the truth.
    • After the E B S and we’ve gone through the 10 days mainstream media blackout and sat through all the 24/7, (eight hours long movies), do we go back to normal like business as usual? Answer is: After E B S and the 8 hours long 24 7, movies all will change. The, life support, attached to the old and evil systems will be pulled. Humanity, and planet Earth simultaneously move to quantum reality consciousness system (Peace and Prosperity). End of Financial and Human consciousness enslavement. Old systems of Government, Education , Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., will all be dismantled and replaced.
    • We will have new currency called the USN US NOTE and gold backed.
    • The time is now to alert as many who will listen. Do not have too much pride. Go warn those you love even though they think you’re crazy. Your goal for others is truly to help absorb the shock of what is coming.


An RV Checklist

An RV Checklist


Justice Thomas the Hero?

I have long believed that a crash of the size we’re expecting is likely going to coincide with the overturning of the 2020 election and a pending decision from SCOTUS. We know it’s sitting in the wings, but I’ve had no more information on it this week.

All three branches of the US “government” (in fact, a US foreign corporation that is now defunct) have been proven to have been compromised (legislative, justice, and executive), so it’s time, finally, for the military to step in a visibly take control. I expect to see this happen extremely soon. I don’t know whether the Supreme Court will play a role, or not, because they are not a legitimate body. There will be another high court, most likely in Pennsylvania, that is soon to be revealed.


CIA Document Showcases Star Seeds

If you want proof of what’s going on with star seeds (souls from other planets that have been incarnated on Earth for the purpose of helping free the inhabitants of the planet, here’s some very strong evidence — straight from the Deep State (the CIA).


OPERATION: SANDMAN (Still “a thing!”)

(with DXY heading up in a final fifth wave of a flat, I would expect the Sandman Operation to start next week, after a top is in place. The Sandman Operation should send DXY down and SPX up, due to the fact that dollars coming back to the US would be deeming inflationary. DXY moving lower would be inflationary.)

“Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar.” When this “event” is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge. (this is what we’ve been told)

What will happen (this is a planned event by the US military) is that one hundred, or so, countries, will sell their US dollars back to the US and will cease holding dollars. This would be perceived as inflationary to the US, as these dollars would move back into the US treasury, and drive down the dollar, which is what we want to have happen.

The other potential driver of the dollar is the release of huge amounts of humanitarian funds (and restitution funds — think seniors) which are believed to be in fiat dollars initially, with a release we keep hearing is imminent (in fact, long overdue).

Nearly 60% of international reserves are held in dollar-denominated assets, and it’s by far the most-used currency for trade. The dollar is involved in about 88% of all international trade transactions.

When Israel is defeated in this current war, the main stream media, which it owns, will also come down. At that point, we should be ready to roll into the Emergency Broadcast System playback around the world over a ten day period.

So, the “cavalry” seems to be waiting on the edge of town!

The fireworks are about to begin!


<iframe class=”rumble” width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Situation Report for Saturday, April 20 — PDF DOWNLOAD: Restored-Republic-via-a-GCR-4-20-2024

CAVEAT: The Situation Report just scrapes information from a variety of channels in the Telegram app, without any attempt to determine reliability of that information. Use your own discernment as to what is accurate, or believable. Dates are starting to become a bit more reliable, I think.


On Fire in the News!

This lady is very connected and does great exposés showing what’s really going on. A few days ago, there was a well-documented, live on-air self immolation of someone with alleged ties to the Clintons. He lit himself on fire in front of the courthouse where Donald Trump has been spending all of his time lately (well it was one of the Donald Trumps — there are clones and doubles). This was obvious a false flag. It was actually a dummy covered in gel, prepared by a special effects house who provides services for the film industry.

And here’s that dummy:


The Golden Gate Bridge

There’s something BIG going on with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

Expect to see something happen with the Golden Gate Bridge.



The TRUTH shall set us FREE!👼

Ever wonder why Elon Musk & SpaceX have been foreshadowing Gateway to Mars? It has nothing to do with the Planet & everything to do with the Golden Gate Bridge destruction. Mars is San Francisco, California. Tacoma, WA & quite possibly Earth!

MARS Bar in SF, SpaceX, Bruno MARS, 30 Seconds to MARS, & MARS Candy ensured Elites controlled all Mars conversations & buried search results in Google

MARS Military worldwide auxiliary emergency communications system…EBS!

The Roman Empire worshiped Mars God of War, Jupiter & Saturn

GRACE CATHEDRAL in SF is linked to the Byzantine Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, Roman God MARS & George Bush

30 Seconds To MARS singer Jared Leto pictured below is performing in SF promoting the Purple Revolution & the Byzantine Empire w/ the Chi Rho symbol used by Roman Emperor Constantine. Chi Rho was on the debt clock ⏰️

The Mars Hotel was located at 192 4th St. where the Moscone Center is today. The Grateful Dead Movie includes film of the hotel being demolished in the 80s. 1 mile from the Bohemian Club. Celebrities stayed @ the Mars Hotel cuz it was 1 block from Columbia Records a Division of CBS Studio in 1974 👁

The Moscone Center is next to a Children’s Museme, across from Alice St Gardens right by the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island. The Alice Machine builds tunnels. Alice in Wonderland

Across from the Mars hotel is Folsom St. Johnny Cash belonged to Columbia Records when he wrote the song “Folsom prision” it was a metaphor!

David Bowie is in front of the Mars Hotel he filmed Jean Genie there. He died 10 Jan 2016 > 911 because bringing down these Mars worshippers is the final battle it is their 9/11 & it’s ALL of them!

David Bowie played Goblin King in Labrynth. He steals a baby & takes him Underground. He sang Underground & LIFE on MARS. George Lukas Studios is in SF & the GRACE CATHEDRAL has a Labrynth. Bowie also filed his teeth into Vampire Fangs

From the Mars Hotel is the 7th album by The Grateful Dead. Recorded in April 1974👀

Grateful Dead music was written by > John Perry Barlow. He founded Freedom of The Press Foundation in 2012, & was on its board of directors until his death w/ John Cusak & Edward Snowden! DING DING we have a WINNER🔔

Barlow appeared in interviews w/ Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) saying Snowden is a hero!

“Barlow was a good friend to John F. Kennedy Jr, cuz Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis made arrangements for her son to be a wrangler at the Bar Cross Ranch for 6 months in 1978. The 2 men later went on many double dates in NYC w/ then gf Daryl Hannah”🤯

Kennedys are one of the 13 bloodlines & most of them were Satanists. Robert F Kennedy closed Alcatraz for the Yellow Brick Road in 1963. Were prisoners offered celebrity so they were controlled opposition? They chose to expose the truth to the American people starting with the JFK assassination

In 1974 Anton Laveys Church of Satan HQ was located near Golden Gate Park & the Presidio. CBS Studios & Columbia Records & their artists had ties to the Church, Satanism & Mars Worship. Dianne Feinstein was Mayor from 1978-1988 EVIL

Barlow (70) died on Feb 7, 2018 (911) in SF. After Trump election 👀

💥2 Q posts connect Barlow to Burning Man & Clinton

The symbol for CBS & Columbia is the EYE. Artists @ that time include Barbara Streisand (Evergreen), Simon & Garfunkel, Journey, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd. Clive Davis was president, a Brooklyn Jew. Mafia (ILLUMINATI)

Jack Kerouac wrote about Mars Hotel in Big Sur. Calling it the “Skid Row Hotel”

Hotel California

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Golden Gate bridge collapsing will expose bodies & tunnels, leading to the arrests of 90% of HOLLYWOOD & POLITICIAN’S. Watch the water.💦

Jared Leto climbing the Empire State Building on 11/9 in a orange jumpsuit signaled the fall of Mars & the rise of the new Ape Empire 🦍


We’re in the STORM — the STORM Brings Justice

There are still several tasks to be undertaken in terms of doling out justice. We’re in THE STORM which is responsible for mass arrests now happening worldwide. As in any movie, there are always details at the end to wrap up the plot. This movie is no exception. You’ll see a list below. It seems we’re going to see some of this happen during the Emergency Broadcast System playback and perhaps, even after. I’m hearing that martial law is going to be in place for quite some time to come. Military tribunals are scheduled for the summer of 2024. Many have been completed, but there are a lot more to go, at lower levels of corruption.

This warning graphic below will remain up as a reminder of the impending change in fortunes that is not very far off in the distance and will definitely affect the market.

TUESDAY? The 34 Satanic Sites

Here’s an updated list on the 34 satanic sites that are going to be destroyed. The ones followed by xxxx are ones already taken out. Others may have a note after them.

Which Tuesday? It’s always been slated for a Tuesday. We just don’t know which one, but I now think this is imminent. However, WWIII has been imminent for weeks, so we’ll see. 

There are 7 cern sites around the world. Switzerland, 3GD, Hoover dam, and others.

xxx means gone/taken down


    1. Ark of Bal xxx
    2. Augusta Germany Castle
    3. Biltmore Hotel, Coral Cables,Miami
    4. Buckingham Palace
    5. Cern in Switzerland
    6. Bhoemian Grove xxx
    7. Comet Pizza in Hollywood xxx
    8. Denver International Airport
    9. Epstein Island Dome
    10. Georgia Guidestones xxx
    11. Hoover Dam
    12. La Louvre in France
    13. London Bank 1 xxx
    14. London Bank 2 xxx
    15. London Bridge London
    16. London Bridge Lake Havasu City, AR
    17. Northern Castle (Biltmore)
    18. Notre Dame Cathedral in France xxx
    19. Opera House in Sidney Australia
    20. Pentagon
    21. Playboy Mansion xxx
    22. Statue of Liberty – son
    23. Stonehenge – about to go
    24. Tesla Building (will be a free energy tower)
    25. The Getty Museum xxx
    26. The Queens Hunting Lounge xxx
    27. The Vatican
    28. Three Gorges Dam
    29. US Capital
    30. Victoria Secret’s Home xxx
    31. Washington Monument – soon cracked
    32. White House 1 (Germany)
    33. White House 2 (D.C.)
    34. Windsor Tower – soon


Enjoy the Awakening!

Know the Past. See the Future


Webinar Playback:  Elliott Wave Basics

If you’re new to the Elliott Wave Principle, or even fairly comfortable with it, this webinar will give you a solid introduction and comprehensive understanding of the difference between trending and counter-trend waves, the various patterns for both types of wave patterns, and a good overview of how fibonacci ratios determine trade targets

Video Playback (Click here)

This is link to the YouTube playback video, allowing you to review, stop and start, etc.


All the Same Market.

I’ve been mentioning for months now that the entire market is moving as one entity, the “all the same market” scenario, a phrase that Robert Prechter coined many years ago, when he projected the upcoming crash.

We’re in the midst of deleveraging the enormous debt around the world. Central banks are losing the control they had and we’re slowly sinking into deflation world-wide, with Europe in the lead.

The US dollar is fully in charge of both the equities and currencies markets. They’re all moving in tandem, as I’ve been saying since September of 2017. Over the past three years, their movements have been moving closer and closer together and one, and now they’re in lock-step, with the major turns happening at about the same time.

it’s challenging because often times currency pairs are waiting for equities to turn, and other times, it’s the opposite. The other frustrating thing is that in between the major turns, there are no major trades; they’re all, for the most part day-trades. That’s certainly the case in corrections, where you very often have several possible targets for the end of the correction.

We’re now close to a turn in the US indices, currency pairs, oil, and even gold. Elliott wave does not have a reliable timing aspect, but it looks like we should see a top very soon.


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Seeing all the different currency pairs and the wave structures and hearing you explain why this has to do that on a nightly bases gives one a upper hand when trading. Elliott Wave applies to all stock and indices and can be applied to any candlestick chart.

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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Above is the daily chart of the SP500 (click to enlarge, as with any of my charts).

The market this week has lost a lot of the inherent danger that was so obvious last week. Trying to trade somewhere in the middle of the final fourth wave before a top can be extremely risky.

However, this weekend, we are near the bottom of the fourth wave, seemingly right across the market. We still need that final high but at least futures and the SP500 are down at fibonacci-measured targets.

Last weekend, the ending expanding diagonal across futures, the SP500, and NDX was near breaking, which can be relatively common at in the final stages of the topping process. That's because the market typically has so much underlying weakness and volume is relatively low.

The final wave up is playable, but if you're going to get into it, you need to be vigilent about having stops in place and honor them. Surprises are going to be to the downside.

DXY is still at a high at the top of the D leg of a contracting triangle. It needs to drop down to the 101.20-40 level, which should rally futures to a new high, resulting in a top and triggering the expected crash. I'm expecting this to start off a very volatile week.

There is a full moon on Tuesday and this can very often foreshadow a turn in the market.

Now that the ending patterns have broken, equities only need to make it to the current high, but that's the minimum target. The measured target for the SP500 appears to be about 5350. All indices need to make it to a new high.

The exchange, NYSE, is now near the bottom of a fourth wave, reflected in other NYSE sub-indices, as well.

The bigger picture: The SP500 (and futures) are in the final stages of topping. Look for one more wave up to a new high. Due to pending events, we could see a volatile ending pattern play out.

Once we reach our target (and other asset classes reach theirs), we can expect a turn down, which will become a crash, dropping below the 2000 level in the SP500. I think the downside number is closer to 1800.

The Sandman Operation is still in the wings, in my opinion, as I now consider it deflationary because the vast amounts of fiat currency that will flow back to the United States will not go back into the economy, therefore going out of circulation, which is deflationary.

I continue to watch for signs the internet is shutting down, which could happen at any time. We're getting close!


GESARA is law internationally but has not been enacted domestically. This is in order for governments to be able to trade with the new currency. When NESARA GESARA is announced worldwide, It will shut down governments, courts, and police worldwide, trigger a golden jubilee and bring in natural law throughout. It's a major milestone.

We're told that the shutdown coming will include the internet, so this would put a halt to trading, and would likely mean we'd just pick up again from where we left off after the Great Awakening video playback is over.

Based upon recent intel, the Emergency Broadcast System seems imminent.


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