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Posts reflect the most recent forecast using a combination of cycles forecasting and the Elliott Wave Principle. Posted each Sunday (and sometimes more often).

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Amazing Times Ahead

SCOTUS On Deck For the next couple of weeks, it’s more or less the SCOTUS show, with at least five election fraud lawsuit confirmed on the docket. I’m expecting weakness in the market as the process unfolds, whatever the outcome of the trials. Sydney Powell (on Friday, Feb. 19:  “For all interested in the status of… Read more


The Movie Plays On Everything is at extremes: The market, certainly; real life, not much semblance of reality, and perhaps approaching an extreme, but I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet! I was at my local grocery store the other night maskless, of course, getting a few odds and ends. I’ve been properly trained to… Read more

The Fog of War

Nothing is Real If you’ve watched Fall of the Cabal, you have a good awareness of the extraordinary battle going on between good and evil right now. I’ve alluded to this struggle through my writing here over the past five years. I’ve written about the 300 years of lies. If you’ve been around as long… Read more

The World Turns

End of an Era In 1963, I was thirteen years old and living outside New York City in Manhasset, on Long Island. We’d moved there from Canada the year before. I was quickly getting used to “the American way-of-life” and was inspired by John F. Kennedy, the then current  president. The shooting on November 22… Read more

Reality Has Left the Building!

Not As It Appears I spend a tremendous amount of time these days on research. I’ve long maintained that the truth will come out at the top of this 1000 year cycle, and sure enough, it’s coming out slowly, because you won’t find it anywhere in the mainstream media. Much of what I’m discovering is… Read more

Mother Nature Rules

This Week Will Be Shocking! It’s been building for a while now, and what’s to come fits in perfectly with the top of a one thousand year cycle! Since the November third election in the United States, the main stream media (MSM) has gone into overdrive to hide the fact that there was massive fraud… Read more

Truth at Major Cycle Tops

The Real Purge Has Begun There’s a lot going on this weekend, as suggested by unfolding events late in the previous week. On Friday, the President of the United States got de-platformed from Twitter and Facebook, as did thousands of others, who are supportive of the current presidency. This is an attempted media coup that… Read more

A January to Remember

Bombshell of the Century? There is so much news coming out this weekend, it’s difficult to keep up with it all. We seem to be following the same playbook as I’ve described in my Cycles of History videos that focus in on at the turn of the century in England around 1600. As I’ve said… Read more

The Final Chapter

Reflections and What’s to Come The intentional car bombing in Nashville on Christmas morning is most likely a sign — a warning by the forces of evil that are likely getting scared; the intelligence I’m getting is that the tide is turning, but it isn’t going to be necessarily obvious on the surface. The US… Read more

Year-End Fireworks

Fireworks Ahead! The Fireworks I’m expecting won’t be limited to year-end. I’m expecting an even more volatile January, as a result of what’s happening on the ground. However, forces from our solar system have a  lot to do with how we react here on Earth. Our solar system also often has a dramatic affect on… Read more