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Market Forecast Overview

Posts reflect the most recent forecast using a combination of cycles forecasting and the Elliott Wave Principle. Posted each Sunday (and sometimes more often).

All trades, patterns, charts, systems, etc., discussed in these articles are for illustrative and educational purposes only and not to be construed as specific advisory recommendations.

Futures, forex, equities, and option trading involves substantial risk, and may not be suitable for everyone. You can lose everything! Trading should only be done with true risk capital. Past performance either actual or hypothetical is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Something BIG is Coming

Booms Expected This Week This “movie” is slowly coming to an end. The White Hats (the Q Team) are in control, but more importantly, the Military Alliance is in control. And, in true military fashion, they’re not giving us dates. We have an impending US default coming, with a target date being ‘thrown around” of… Read more

The Transition

Heading Down the Stretch This title pertains more to the US Dollar Index than anything else, but the point is that we’re in the final leg, based upon what happens Monday morning. In the meantime, there’s a lot going on in our “unreal” world. We also seem to be going down the stretch to the… Read more

Deception Abounds

Focus on the Crown History is being made!!! The world is slowly moving Darkness to Light!  History will record this generation as the most courageous truth seekers and warriors.  But this is nothing new; it’s a mark of this cycle, a revolutionary movement that always takes place at this point in the cycle, as it has… Read more

Clowns and Crowns

The Crown’s Clown Sausage-fingers got through the Coronation, but we’re learning today that it was a military operation and Trump had a part in it. overseeing the operation to make sure it went smoothly. This is all coming out today from Kimberley Tesla, the US military press secretary. However, there are also signs that the… Read more

The Market Talks

The Market This Week CRASH ALERT! We are definitely now in the “END GAME.” This week should see the crash (towards the end of the week) and that will lead us into the Emergency Broadcast System playback. I don’t know how it will affect trading, but I don’t expect there will be any during the… Read more

Get Ready

It’s Coming! Below is a proposed schedule which just came out this morning. You have to use the new calendar below to understand this revised schedule. In short, we have about a week to go until we see the Emergency Broadcast System fire up, and there are going to be some major bombs released this… Read more

A Change in Trend and Fortune

The Top is Dead Ahead We ended the session on Friday with only about 60 points to go to read the target in ES and the SP500. Other asset classes are just as close to the top. As I look across the market, virtually everything is obviously in the final leg. On Monday, I’m expecting… Read more

Green Light

Ready for a Rally The market is now in the final sub-wave of a C wave of a zigzag, the last zigzag of a “rare” triple zigzag,  as we await the final rally to a new high. Organically, it could take a week to get there, but with a market that’s obviously being manipulated, I… Read more

The Great Divide

It’s War on Multiple Levels! On the left is a view I’m quite familiar with. As a skier, there are spectacular views of the Great Divide from high up on the mountain face above the Lake Louise Ski Resort, Western Canada. The Great Divide (or continental divide) is more or less at the Alberta/British Columbia… Read more