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Posts reflect the most recent forecast using a combination of cycles forecasting and the Elliott Wave Principle. Posted each Sunday (and sometimes more often).

All trades, patterns, charts, systems, etc., discussed in these articles are for illustrative and educational purposes only and not to be construed as specific advisory recommendations.

Futures, forex, equities, and option trading involves substantial risk, and may not be suitable for everyone. You can lose everything! Trading should only be done with true risk capital. Past performance either actual or hypothetical is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Summer of Nonsense

Asleep Before the Storm It continues to amaze me that the herd is still fast asleep. Most of them likely get their information from the mainstream media, or heaven help me, Facebook. Where I live, people are wandering around with masks and doing “social distancing,” both having no scientific support ,whatsoever. In fact, masks can… Read more

Looking for a Pivot

Indices on the Verge We’ve had four weeks of sideways action after turning at a major fibonacci level (ES 3233)  on June 8 to produce a wave down on a hourly chart that could be counted two ways. After catching this most recent rally up from the 2981 area in ES, we’re starting to get… Read more

A Weak Week

What a Difference a Week Makes My “perfect storm” of last weekend had no real effect on the market, although ever since, the US indices have been extremely weak. It’s amazing that with a market that had so much underlying bullishness for the past three months, that now we’re in a situation where it’s struggling… Read more

Trends Are in Five Waves

What “Second Wave?” Western governments (and the main-stream media) keep promoting a potential second wave in the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s extremely unlikely that will happen. In fact, this virus bug is all but done — the numbers are increasingly pointing in that direction. The truth is that trends happen in five waves IN the stock… Read more

Contrarian Thinking

Time to Stop Herding Last weekend, I told you we were at a top. I even gave you the probable date for the turn: in conjunction with the Federal Reserve announcement. And that’s what happened. We topped. Technically, it was on Tuesday. I also wrote: In the meantime, of course, I get the usual emails… Read more

Waiting for Confirmation

A Challenging Market Overall The wait continues while the bankers play. Central banks were hard at work this week — the Federal Reserve with its ongoing monetizing of debt and on Thursday, the European Central Bank injecting another lump in QE into the system. It will all prove to be too little, too late. And… Read more


Waiting for a Turn This topping process is way-over-the-top frustrating due to the fact that all these asset classes have to turn at the same time. That means they all have to get appropriately lined up. My analysis takes me longer than usual because I have to look at every asset I cover and correlate… Read more

Reaching for the Top

Final New Highs Ahead I’m very busy preparing for the upcoming webinar this week, so my comments will be short. When I talk about new highs, I’m talking about highs for the current corrective rally. We’re struggling in the US indices. A new high will be the point at which you would want to look… Read more

A Market Mess

Non-Confirmations Friday was a very strange day from an Elliott Wave perspective. We were supposedly in a second wave correction after a surging first wave up on Thursday that extended into the night in futures (Futures went up another 11 points overnight and then in the wee hours, collapsed into a second wave). When the… Read more

Fake-Outs Galore!

A Week of Fake-Outs! I warned last weekend about the craziness. It continues. This time, I’m referring to the market; never mind what’s happening outside in the unreal world … I’ve put in about 60 hours this week on the market and analysis — the most ever, I think. That’s an indicator of how incredibly… Read more