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Market Forecast Overview

Merry Christmas

Focus STILL on DXY We’re STILL waiting for DXY to turn down. It seems imminent, but I note that there’s a full moon on Wednesday, September 14, with a lot of focus being placed on it. So, it’s certainly possible that we could sit where we are for a few more days. Hope not, but… Read more

Shutdown Coming

Market Says: We’re CLOSE! It took me most of today to get my mind into putting out this blog post. After three years of doing this religiously every weekend, not to mention market analysis and a video every weeknight, I’m exhausted. It’s been three years of the war against the Cabal, eight years of blogging… Read more

Trump Arrest: The End

Signalling the End is Nigh The Trump arrest this past Thursday signals that the end of the narrative that’s been unfolding as “the movie” is coming to an end. In the background, much more is going on than is immediately obvious. There have been delays in the narrative, but this seems to have been primarily… Read more


The Turning Point NESARA – GESARA was supposed to be announced on September 11, 2001, but we all know what happened on that day. The people that did not want their satanic system destroyed, the one that has kept all the rest of us in slavery for all of our lives. It has, in fact… Read more

Global Martial Law

The Next Phase There’s a lot going on this weekend, and the constant sleep disruptions that many are experiencing (like me!) doesn’t help matters. I’m hearing many others are facing similar inabilities to get a good night’s sleep. It’s due to the energy upgrades that have been constantly hitting our Earth over the past few… Read more

The New World Approaches

Ending Patterns in Place This weekend, both DXY (the US Dollar Index) and the EURUSD currency pair have ending diagonals playing out. Both are at the apex of their fourth waves of the pattern this weekend. This means they have one more wave (the fifth) still to go in order to get to their final… Read more

X Marks the Spot!

The Turning Point is This Week Twitter changed to the X (equals the number 10) on a dark background on July 24th so I believe that the 10 days darkness countdown may of started on that date. That means we should see the Emergency Broadcast System start up sometime shortly after August 4, if that… Read more

The Fog of War is Thick

Fog of War The war for the freedom of the human race has been waging ever since Donald Trump got into office, in 2017. The last three years have been the most intense, perhaps not in terms of the war itself, but in terms of our awareness of it, at least those of us who… Read more

Judgement Day is Coming

Lining Up for a Market Turn Monday is a new moon. New moons are very often turning points (highs, typically) for the market. It’s July 17 on the Gregorian calendar. AND, it’s July 4 on the Julian calendar. That’s the calendar we’re moving to  — Isn’t THAT interesting? Today, Monday, is also the 24th anniversary… Read more

Portals, Money, Banks, Beds, and More

It’s Only a Matter of Time LOTS GOING ON, PATRIOTS! Towards the end of this past week, we finally started what I consider to be the last of the final sub-wave heading for the long-term stock market target (4500 in the SP500). While the direction of the SP500 is up, the direction of the dollar… Read more