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Market Forecast Overview


Big Changes in the Works! (This weekend seemed to be a turning point and it took me the entire weekend to analyze the market, measure in multiple timeframes across multiple asset classes, and relabel the entire lot. This was the longest yet for a weekend; it speaks to how difficult this market is. There’s a… Read more

The End of Times

Controlled Chaos Ahead? These are extraordinary times. We’re leaving one dying world behind, and moving on to a new one. We’re leaving behind the enslavement of the human race and moving to total freedom, full health and prosperity, a world built upon love. It’s not going to be an easy transition. We must destroy the… Read more

Palace Intrigue

Charlie Moved Our Cheese! Who Moved My Cheese? was a New York Time best-selling business book published in 1998. It uses the analogy of mice searching for cheese to help the corporate world deal with constant change. Even the examples in this ground-breaking book are no match for the change society is about to undergo… Read more

The Target — 9-11

It’s Biblical Jesus’ REAL date of birth was on September 9th, but on the Julian Calendar — the calendar we’ll be moving to. It’s the calendar that Julius Caesar put into place during his reign, but it was changed to the Gregorian (satanic) calendar in October, 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. (You’re going to learn… Read more

Approaching the Precipice

The Next Two Weeks The next two weeks will be very important in terms of wrapping up this phase of the dismemberment of the Illuminati and their minions. The past two weeks have exposed many, many arrests, along with scores more elites contracting coronavirus (which is code for them being arrested). This “clean up” in… Read more

Genocide on a Worldwide Scale

Being Asleep Isn’t Helping (My analysis of the stock market took almost all of the recent weekend, throwing off my schedule completely. It’s an immensely difficult market, particularly during summer doldrums, when volume is so low. It’s impossible for me to concentrate on writing for any meaningful period during weekdays. Hence, the delay this week… Read more

Something BIG Coming

Another BOOM Week? “The market is at a high. It could turn down in the early part of this week; the market, as whole is at an inflection point and has been oscillating up and down for the past couple of weeks. I don’t see how it can stay up much beyond that.” Last week… Read more

Lion’s Gate 8:8

The Market’s Tired; I’m Tired! The most tiring thing for me about the psychological warfare we’re in the midst of is determining whose side many of the “truthers” are on. There are attempts by both sides to sow doubt about the validity of many of these people (ie. Micheal Flynn, Elon Musk, Lin Wood, Charlie… Read more

Time to Change Your Thinking!

It Won’t Be for Everyone! A deep dark world is being exposed. The truth won’t be for everyone. Have faith in Humanity.  It’s the end of the road — the one we’ve been on for the past six years or so — and the start of a new one, one that has far more questions… Read more

A Week to Remember!

Shutdown Looming This week has, in some respects, been the “calm before the storm.” There didn’t seem to be that much going on unless you were paying attention to sites in the Telegram application, where you get the “real news.” Some real news is hitting the main stream media now, but not enough to wake… Read more