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Posts reflect the most recent forecast using a combination of cycles forecasting and the Elliott Wave Principle. Posted each Sunday (and sometimes more often).

All trades, patterns, charts, systems, etc., discussed in these articles are for illustrative and educational purposes only and not to be construed as specific advisory recommendations.

Futures, forex, equities, and option trading involves substantial risk, and may not be suitable for everyone. You can lose everything! Trading should only be done with true risk capital. Past performance either actual or hypothetical is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

The Rarest of Patterns

Ralph Nelson Elliott’s Work Ralph Elliott’s ground-breaking book, Nature’s Law — The Secret of the Universe, was published on June 10, 1946. He died less than two years later, on January 15, 1948. He has been in ill health for over twenty years, an affliction that struck a couple of years before the 1929 stock… Read more

My Dawdling Ducks ….

We Wait … Last week, I noted that “the ducks were all lined up” for a turn to the downside. These “ducks” are all the assets I cover on a daily basis. But stubbornly, my ducks have not budged. They have been moving sideways this week in what might be a final contracting triangle. We… Read more

The Ducks Are Lined Up

Trigger Time Yes, it’s more than time to be looking down from here. We’re at extremes in all the usual indicators that I look at. In fact, some of them are so extreme, it’s amazing that this market has been “levitating” as long as it has. But it has one unusual factor that’s the cause… Read more

Extreme Greed

Greed is at Extreme Levels Being a steadfast contrarian if absolutely critical if you’re involved in any capacity in the stock market. The market swings from fear to greed and if you have a good handle on where we are in the pendulum swing (cycles again!), and commit to staying on the opposite side of… Read more

The Pressure Is Mounting

The Pressure is Mounting Well, it’s that time again, when I get several emails trying to tell me what to do and where the market is going. I try to stay well away from all of them. They are counter-productive to my work. I cannot do my work without remaining absolutely objective in my approach… Read more

The Eve of Destruction

The Eve of Destruction — 1965 Barry McGuire sang “The Eve of Destruction” from hand written notes (in a single “take”) in a recording studio rehearsal in 1965. It was not supposed to be the final soundtrack for that song. It was written by P.F. Sloan, who wrote hit songs for Johnny Rivers (“Secret Agent… Read more

Next Up: Down!

Down — Almost Right Across the Board All the assets for which I do video report on a daily basis are setting up for a turn early in the week. It’s been a long haul and once again, it underlines the difference between trading success and losing consistently: Sitting on your hands. Or, if that’s… Read more

Bear Market Rallies: A Taste of What’s to Come

Monday is a US Market Holiday The US market is closed on Monday for the Martin Luther King holiday. It will reopen Tuesday morning. Countertrend (corrective waves) The current corrective wave is a countertrend wave within a countertrend fourth wave — a most dangerous undertaking to trade it. Let’s take a moment to think about… Read more

Colonel Custer’s Last Stand

The Bulls’ Last Stand My predicted drop to a new low hasn’t panned out quite yet … but it will! This week’s slow-moving rally continues to illustrate the Hopium Effect in action, but is showing that it’s waning. It reminds me of Custer’s Last Stand. The Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 was a… Read more

The Hopium Effect is Waning

What Really Happened on Friday? If you read reports in the main stream media or read comments by pundits, you’d think on Friday that the economy turned around on a dime and that everything is wonderful. Ummmm, no it’s not. We had a double whammy on Friday: A labor report that identified an increase of… Read more