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The Fear Factor

(originally published mid 2020)

Why does it seem that so many are so fearful all of a sudden? It’s as if someone has unleashed an airborne Ebola virus that’s going to kill each and every one of us! But, it’s really just a flu bug that has a similar fatality rate to seasonal flu. It’s a risk to people over seventy with pre-existing chronic conditions, but of minimal concern to the vast majority of the population.

The facts don’t support this extreme reaction. It’s irrational fear, stoked by the main stream media — much of it fake news and propaganda. Government propaganda is at an all-time high, as it typically is at cycle tops. If you’ve been around as long as I have, you know that governments have never told the truth about ANYTHING!

Why is it that people can’t seem to realize what’s really going on?

The truth is that critical thinking is scarce these days. Society is overwhelmed by irrational fear. In this article, I’ll tell you why.

If you’re puzzled by my suggestion that governments aren’t as “white as snow” in the transparency and truthfulness realm, here are just a few things you might want to ponder and research: the murder of JFK, the murder of RFK, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, winning the Vietnam war, Syria, Libya, 9/11, the economic destruction caused by inflation, the banking system (which is a ponzi scheme) anthropogenic warming, Russiagate, Ukrainegate, the case against Michael Flynn, anything at all about the corona virus, etc., etc., etc.

Governments lie and steal. They always have throughout history.

If you want more on this, I did a series entitled, “300 Years of Lies,” which has four parts (there are a lot of lies!) Then there’s climate change and the hole in the ozone. These last two are examples of government-perpetrated scams.

It’s time to wake up to what’s going on in the world. Understanding cycles helps you identify the patterns — the traits of each cycle are the same and they happen over and over again at predictable intervals. This is not really an unprecedented situation (as many keep saying). It’s happened many times before in history; just not exactly the same way.

History Repeats

Above is a representation of relative temperature highs and lows (climate cycles) and how they correspond with the rise and fall of civilizations. This data on temperature comes from the Greenland Ice Sheet Project, funded by Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States in the 1970s and 80s. It fully reinforces the work of Dr. Raymond Wheeler in that his original findings (in the 1940s) are virtually the same as these findings fifty years later using different processes. In other words, we have the same data from two different sources.

The red arrows in the chart above denote the 1030 year cycles tops, which are marked by high temperatures and warn of an impending temperature downturn. In the past, these downturns have heralded the slow disintegration of the empire in power (there’s usually one country that’s considered the reigning world power, as the United States has been over the past hundred or so years).

Civilizations grow and prosper during warm-wet times, when there’s plenty of food and a warm, stable climate. When temperatures turn down and it gets colder, pandemics set in, the stock market crashes, and society’s psyche turns negative.

If you’re new to natural cycles, here’s some background information on climate cycles.

There are many other traits that accompany this turn from warm-wet to cold-dry. Let’s take a quick look at two.

Two Traits of Cycle Highs: Propaganda and Corruption

The level of propaganda coming out of government and the accompanying corruption are always at all-time-highs at 1000 year climate tops. They’re also prevalent to a lesser degree at smaller cycle tops, 172 year cycles, for example. At the top of the British Empire in Queen Elizabeth’s reign about 400 years ago and the top of the Roman Empire about 2000 years ago, you’ll find rampant propaganda and corruption. It’s one of the traits that signals that the “empire of the day” (in this case, the United States) is about to collapse.

Take the Spanish Armada in 1588, near the end of Elizabeth I’s reign. It happened at the top of a warm-wet period. England got all the credit for destroying the Spanish invaders, but in truth, it was the weather, incompetence on the part of the Spaniards, and a whole lot of bad luck that really ruled the day; the English weren’t the deciding factor in the destruction of the Spanish fleet. A year later, England mounted a similar campaign against the Spanish (the English Armada), which was a complete disaster. However, that second naval campaign is hardly ever mentioned. England used propaganda to rewrite history and make itself the victor!

Palace intrigue also figures prominently at cycle tops. We all know about Julius Caesar and his death at the hands of his fellow senators. In Elizabeth’s time, English nobles conspired with Mary Queen of Scots to overthrow the crown several times until finally, Elizabeth sent Mary (her cousin) to the gallows.

The attempt to remove a United States sitting president (Donald Trump) is a predictable example of the recurring corruption at cycle tops. This is a gigantic plot by the so-called “Deep State” that has sparked Russiagate, Ukraingate, and is most likely behind the COVID-19 manufactured virus, and the Antifa riots taking place throughout America. The Deep State actually has its roots in Britain, beginning with Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table. This began the origins of the New World Order, one currency, etc. The truth will eventually come, as it always does at major cycles tops. I’ll be talking more about this in future posts.

In the meantime, Google (YouTube), Twitter, and Facebook are ganging up to remove any material that does not support the beliefs of globalism. There is a concerted effort to keep us from the truth of what’s going on. The mainstream media are, for the most part, mouthpieces for the Deep State — it’s a highly organized effort that’s been in the works for decades. There’s very little objective news out there other than from alternative new sources, like, or

Tyrants, palace intrigue, lies and deception, limiting freedom of speech, authoritarianism — all of these traits can be found in spades at cycle tops. So, here we are. But “the herd” doesn’t see it. They’re confused, and for good reason.

Take this Covid-19 “scare.” It simply makes no sense on so many levels. But fear is a very powerful force. People, for the most part, aren’t offering resistance, as they normally would. They are cowering in their basements.

Once a population is living in fear,
they’re easy to control.

Here’s the latest voice in the wilderness, the Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom disputing the media fear mongering by telling the truth … sigh. Also something I’ve been echoing for several months (as was my prediction that the drop in the stock market would be blamed on it, which it has been). I predicted the stock market drop over a year ago, and we’re going to see another drop shortly.

This irrational fear we’re seeing has a cause; It’s biological.

The Birth Rate, Testosterone, and Critical Thinking

There’s another interesting trait that signals a cycle top — the birth rate. Fertility always subsides long before we reach the top of a major cycle. For my background article on birth rates throughout history, click here.

This chart plots data on the birth rate in England and Wales from the beginning of the 17th century  to about 1990 (keep in mind that this is a global phenomenon).

What’s interesting is that the decline began with the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603 when it started getting colder and dryer. This eventually led to the Maunder Minimum (an extremely cold period, which was 172 years earlier than the Panic of 1837 (a cycle high), which makes it a 172 year cycle low). Birth rates, to some extent, follow climate, and are always low when climate is warm and dry, as it is now. History tells us it will be this way for many years to come.

In the late 1600s, the birth rate began to rise again and ushered in the Victorian age and the Golden Age of Classical Music, a period in the early 1800s that saw the creation of most of the major classical works by Beethoven, Bach, and many others. This was testosterone at work again.

A larger drop in the birth rate began around 1837, which coincided with a major depression (a 172 cycle high) called “The Panic of 1837.” It was a period of depressions around the globe.

On the above chart, I’ve also noted the post-WWII baby-boom (when I was born) that many of you are probably familiar with. That period of the 60s brought about another short Golden Age of the Beatles, John F. Kennedy, flower children, the race for the Moon, and other major, positive events (testosterone, again).

The low birth rate was a major concern at another major cycle top, at the height of the Roman Empire.

“So concerned was Augustus Caesar (27 BC – 14 AD) by his shrinking population that he tried to punish couples if they were reluctant to marry and produce the required number of children. He enacted laws beginning in 18 B.C.E. That outlawed adultery, and he changed the tax code to burden couples that had fewer children. In other words, Caesar was attempting to increase the population by regulating marriage and procreation. But his schemes did not work, as neither divorce rates nor birth rates were affected. What Caesar could not have known was that political means could not alter what hormones determine.” — Roy Barzilai, The Testosterone Hyposthesis

The current downturn in population growth is international. You can find a list of countries that are suffering from an actual decline here. It’s a natural phenomenon and is always prevalent at a warm-dry cycle top. It will eventually reverse closer to the bottom of a cold-dry cycle, which always follows a warm-dry top.

A similar chart to the one above was featured in a recent book entitled, The Testosterone Hypothesis, How Hormones Regulate the Life Cycles of Civilization, by Roy Barzilai. Much of what I’m going to share with you now comes from his ground-breaking scientific research. You can find this book in my recommended book list here.

Understanding what’s causing this birth rate decline will help you understand the extreme reaction today to the COVID-19 “pandemic,” which I would describe as irrational fear, because the data on the virus does not support this reaction. It’s about as deadly as the annual flu epidemic we experience every year, to varying degrees.

Testosterone Levels and the Birth Rate

Birth rates drop as a result of a drop in testosterone, which usually coincides with a warm-dry climate high before a change to a colder, dryer climate. A market recession or depression always accompanies a colder, dryer climate, which history tells us is where we’re headed, as I’ve been saying for over ten years now. But don’t take my word for it, here are some words from scientists.

Mr. Barzilai sums up the effect of lower testosterone levels on the way we think:

“Hormones are the causes and motives of the thoughts running through our mind and the choice of actions the brain orders the body to take.”

“Declining testosterone, which links to depleted serotonin and diminished dopamine, creates a mindset more prone to passivity and fear and violence. This weakened psychological vitality makes entire populations susceptible to group-think, to a herd mentality, and manipulation by controlling forces. The drive for individual excellence in a society is muted, at times even entirely squelched. Therefore, looking back through history, it can be postulated that when cultures are suppressed by tyrants — including the tyranny of the crowd — when creativity and ingenuity and prosperity are supplanted by fear and reserve and paucity, it is very likely that this is the effect of declined testosterone levels.”

Think about what you’re observing in the world today.

Diving Deeper into Hormones

The interaction of hormones in the human body is complicated, but I’ll attempt to summarize some of the players here. For the in-depth story, read Roy’s book.

Testosterone and Estrogen
Testosterone levels have a strong influence on our ability to reason, plan, and think critically.

Though all hormones, including testosterone and estrogen exist in both males and females, the quantity of testosterone is on average 10 times greater in men than in women. Testosterone is produced in the genitals and exists to varying degrees in both sexes.

With aging, the level of testosterone decreases, and the result is death and degeneration of cells that are not replaced by new ones, which causes a malfunction of the body tissues and vital organs. Testosterone figures prominently in the aging, and ultimately, the dying process.

In females, the hormone estrogen is responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics. It regulates the entire reproductive cycle of female lives, from monthly cycles of fertility to menopause, when estrogen levels drop significantly. Estrogen production inhibits the production of dopamine, thus limiting the more assertive qualities that dopamine propels.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is responsible for the fight-or-flight response when our brain perceives danger. High cortisol causes a decline in testosterone levels; it inhibits the production of testosterone and dopamine. It results in anxiety, fear, and panic.

It may be extremely harmful when released in high doses for prolonged periods of time. Our adrenal glands — triangle-shaped organs at the top of your kidneys — make cortisol.

Serotonin is a brain neurotransmitter that regulates mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. It is been labelled a “happy chemical.”

In a research study with mice, covered in Nature, lowered serotonin levels disinclined the mice to mate with females and, in fact, to exhibit meeting rituals toward other another male mouse. Raising serotonin levels by injecting it into mice brains restores the preference to mate with females. Studies have shown that serotonin levels have an influence in the amount of homosexuality within a culture.

Lower testosterone levels lead to lower serotonin synthesis, which has been linked to depression, anxiety, and increased violence. Serotonin is produced in the intestines and the brain.

Oxytocin, like serotonin, is a happy chemical that induces bonding and empathy between people. However, it has a more sinister side. In causing group bonding (herding), it increases alienation toward perceived threats from other group.  in short, it can contribute to racism.

It’s secreted by the pituitary gland, that pea-sized structure at the base of the brain.

Dopamine has a role in coordinating emotional responses that aid us in recognizing rewards and to pursue them. It makes us “feel good” when we achieve a goal. It’s the hormone that some researchers consider paramount in the process of human success. Dopamine works to calm the body, slow systems down under stress or duress, and allows a kind of clarity that boosts one’s capability to problem-solve or drive towards a goal, despite anxiety or fear.

Dopamine levels rise with higher testosterone levels, and this encourages certain types of assertive behaviour — the opposite effect, of course, with low testosterone levels.

Dopamine is a neurohormone that is released by the hypothalamus.

Biological Cycles
The daily cortisol cycle is similar to the daily testosterone cycle, highest in the morning and gradually decreasing until the night’s sleep. Studies indicate that testosterone levels change throughout the year, as well, with the highest levels in the northern hemisphere in October.

Though testosterone levels begin a decline around the age of 27, the neurotransmission of dopamine continues to foster what is called “crystallized intelligence” until a peak and constancy from about 50 to 70 years old.

Testosterone is required to create the “dopaminergic” mind that pursues reason, science, and moral ambitiousness and without it, civilization would collapse.

Dick Swab, the noted to Dutch neuroscientist, points to stress as a significant factor during pregnancy:

“Pregnant women suffering from stress are also more likely to have homosexual children of both genders because their raised level of the stress hormone cortisol affects the production of fetal sex hormones.“

This accounts for times in history (predominantly major cycle tops) when testosterone levels are in decline and incidence of homosexuality increases. An obvious example is the popularity of Roman baths at the top of the Roman Empire, a time when homosexuality was condoned and practiced openly.


We’re at a major one thousand year cycle top (the theoretical top was in 2007, and ushered in the “Great Recession”) which is the real beginning of the “Greater Depression” that’s unfolding very slowly before our eyes. It will become more noticeable next year (2021), when the major stock market collapse gets underway.

Major 1000 year cycle tops throughout history have always been warm and dry, bring about the disintegration of the empire of the day, and are rife with corruption and palace intrigue.

It’s no secret that a group of elites, which include the central banking cartel, have been planning a New World Order. Wikipedia calls it a conspiracy theory, of course. It would see one global government, one currency, and a society that is socialist in nature. Never mind the fact that their “trial balloon,” the European Union, is slowly collapsing, they’re Hell-bent of following through. The plan was in place, but Donald Trump got in the way.

So, what we have is an attempt on an international scale to make sure Mr. Trump doesn’t get re-elected. This has ushered in the Russiagate/Mueller Report, then the Ukraingate impeachment process, most recently COVID-19, and now the very well organized Antifa and Black Lives Matter destructive upsizings. It’s all in an attempt to destabilize the US economy and ensure the downfall of Donald Trump.

What these elites don’t understand is that they’re in a row boat with a tsunami about a year away in the form of a global financial meltdown. That tsunami will bring about a major revolution and civil wars across the globe. The financial system will collapse and thwart their satanic dreams. This is nature’s law and you simply can’t fight it.

In the meantime, the herd is buying the pandemic idea hook, line, and sinker. Rather than questioning the illogical approach of keeping people indoors out of the Sun, social distancing (which is not based on any science), and wearing masks, which have not proven preventative, or even effective, they’re cowering in their basements.

There’s a reason for this reaction — low testosterone levels, which result in the hormone cortisol exerting its influence. The ability to think critically is impaired, while our fear levels rise.

That’s what you’re seeing today as a result of a very low birth rate that has governments scratching their heads. If they paid attention to history and cycles, they might have a different opinion about the outlook, and the solution.

As it gets colder and dryer (we’re in the early stages), this will start the “fight wheels” in motion and an international uprising will begin. We’re starting to see the beginnings in countries around the world. It’s time to pay attention to what’s going on around you and prepare for some challenging times ahead. If you want more information on how to stay safe, you can join my Thrive Academy. You’ll find more information below.

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Know the Past. See the Future.

Peter Temple is the founder of World Cycles Institute. He has extensive experience in developing strategies to align with natural and man-made business cycles and the economy. He has facilitated growth for investors and businesses, has developed multiple teams, and consulted on high profile IPOs for Westjet Airlines, Pengrowth Management, Big Rock Breweries, Enerplus, ARC Financial and many more.

He’s the past executive director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, founded by Edward Dewey in 1841. Peter is also a speaker, market analyst, cycle expert and book writer. A member of Mensa International.

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