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The Incredible Mortgage Scam

After more than six months of research brought about by five court cases in Canada and the U.S., where people were losing their homes (actually being physically thrown out of them against the law), it became more than apparent that the Admiralty court system has been weaponized against We the People. People have been losing… Read more


Celebrities and elites go to great lengths to rejuvenate. However, are they going so far as to want to use blood transfusions from child “donors?” This is indeed the case. Blood, rich in adrenaline or “adrenochrome” appears to have a rejuvenating effect and provides a lot of energy. It’s more effective than plastic surgery and… Read more

History Has Been Turned Upside Down

Three minutes is all it takes. We’ve been lied to about so much of history… Read more

Earth 2.0 Webinar!

RECORDED: Thursday, May 12, 8 pm EST “Welcome to Earth 2.0” is a free webinar series that focusses on the tremendous changes that will affect all aspects of your life. These changes are so all-encompassing that it’s best to get educated on the basics as soon as possible. It will set you way ahead of… Read more

The Fear Factor

(originally published mid 2020) Why does it seem that so many are so fearful all of a sudden? It’s as if someone has unleashed an airborne Ebola virus that’s going to kill each and every one of us! But, it’s really just a flu bug that has a similar fatality rate to seasonal flu. It’s… Read more