Theory of Revolving Cycles

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overview-webEverything that happens on earth is a result of what happens in the rest of the universe. Our weather is a result of the movement of the planets, Sun, and Milky Way. The changing climate on Earth, which is cyclical, influences our actions. The stock market, economy, governments, and our health and well-being are dramatically affected by events beyond our control. Below is a little more detail on some of the elements that shape our destiny.

The Cosmos
The “cosmos” is everything above our heads, which goes far beyond what our small brains can fathom. It’s also responsible for everything that happens here on earth. We seem to have forgotten this lately. The sun, moon, planets, and Milky Way are responsible for the earth’s climate. Because they’re constantly moving, our climate is constantly changing. It changes in cycles. They repeat over and over. It’s a really good reason to pay attention to history, but we usually don’t, until it’s too late. Let’s change this!
The climate on earth over the long term is really quite predicable. By looking back through history (through core samples, tree rings, fossils, etc), we’ve determined that there are major climate patterns that cycles every 25, 100, 500, and 1000 years. We’re at the cusp of a new 500 year cycle and that’s the reason the weather is so volatile (as I write this in 2014). Human influence on climate is minimal (the latest estimate is about 3%). Pollution is another story altogether. Let’s spend our money on reducing pollution, not trying to change the weather.
Human Psyche
You just have to look at what happens to us during a full moon. It’s well known that we go a little crazy (just ask the police!) Here’s one accessible online article that addresses the effects of climate on human health. Here’s a site devoted to how solar flares affect your health.
Economy and Debt
Take a visit to the World Debt Clock. It’s a great waker-upper. The world is awash in more debt than ever before in history and nobody seems to want to do anything about it. We’ve known this is a very big problem for a very long time now. It affects the economy in a negative manner and will eventually affect market confidence (The markets are currently being manipulated by central bankers). The federal banks in the US and Europe have been attempting to revive the economy by lowering interest rates and printing huge amounts of currency. So far, it has done no good. Unfortunately, they’re out of ammunition.
The stock, currency, and futures markets are a mathematical representation of how the general populace is feeling. They go up when we’re optimistic about the future and down when the opposite is true. They also move based upon solar cycles, which affect people’s health and well-being. There’s a crash on average every hundred years or so, just like there’s a dry period and a depression. They tend to arrive at about the same time. Elliott waves provide a relatively good forecast for the market. History provides an excellent forecast of climate changes.
 Governments over time grow larger and larger, become more complex, give more and more perks to the populace (to stay in power) and rob them at the same time through chronic inflation and taxes. It’s extremely important for all of us in the western world to understand and be aware of the gradual descent into corruption and overwhelming debt that signals the end of political realms. The progression is similar in all great societies that have collapsed. They all eventually do.
Currency and Money
Fiat currency always collapses. It has all through history. “Fiat” means “by decree.” When the reserve currency (the US dollar) became unpegged from gold (in 1971—”Thank you, Richard Nixon!”), it became fiat currency, not money. It’s simply paper, the value of which is nothing more than a promise—a promise to honour it by the US government (our current reserve currency). But the US government is bankrupt, so if there’s fear of repayment at any point, watch out.
Revolution and Wars
 In “The Fourth Turning,” the authors backtrack through relatively recent history (500 or so years) to paint a picture of cycles of approximately 100 years that ended in a financial depression, then drought, then a major war. Edward R. Dewey in his studies also identified a war cycle. Dr. Raymond H. Wheeler, who I refer to as “Father Nature,” found that the worst wars are after hot-dry periods. Cold-dry periods spell major unrest and civil wars. After we get through the upcoming cold spell, we’re headed for one of those hot spells by around 1935 or so. That’s the forecast, backed up by history.
Fibonacci numbers
 The fibonacci sequence and “golden mean” run through just about everything that happens on earth. You find it all through the stock market, the way plants grow, how the human race populates, in sea shells, and the planets. It also gives hints as to the timing of some major financial events.