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Sideways for Days …

Three last three days of this week were sideways in a most stubborn market (certainly when it come to major turns).

This week has been another example of all the asset classes I cover having to find their tops together (at the same time) and doing it ever so slowly. It’s an incredibly hostile market, and very difficult to trade using options, unless you wait for the turn and are nimble enough to get in shortly after the turn. Timing is impossible to predict because the usual celestial events don’t see to have any effect.

The other challenge is that because we seem to have a market chocked full of zigzags, it’s often very difficult to determine where the ideal entry of a second wave might be. Zigags, although in five waves (a zigzag is a 3 wave, 5 wave, 3 wave configuration) do not have a set of subwaves that are predictable. The first wave down of an A wave of a zigzag does not need to be in five waves (it can look corrective, as in three waves) so it makes picking a less risk averse entry that much more difficult.

I’m still expecting a very large drop to a new low in futures. Currency pairs (except for EURUSD still are questionable in terms of the wave structure this weekend, as they have been for a couple of weeks. They’re still that way and could turn in either direction, so this adds a lot of uncertainty; they’ve both been moving sideways for a couple of weeks.

I’m expecting some major events this week, if you can believe what we’re being “fed” in terms of intel. There’s a lot of deception, much of it on purpose, so you never quite know until it happens.

The reptile Queen’s public death is the big expectation this week and may be lining up for Tuesday. A helicopter crash is the suggested demise of a queen who’s been dead since late 2019.

I just did a rather deep analysis of this week’s dressing down of Trudeau by the EU. It turns out it’s all fakery. Good old smoke and mirrors of TV special effects, which I’ve had over 45 years experience with. Trudeau, of course has been gone since sometime in 2018, after he attempted to shoot down Trump’s plane after the G7 meeting in Canada on June 9, 2018. Nothing is real; it’s a movie you’re watching, designed to wake up the herd.

I’m expecting the downward trend to resume on Monday. We’ll see what happens. I don’t trust this market at all, but the direction is definitely down.

It might be a fast move down. We have over 600 points to cover in the SP500.

These are uncertain times, and the market certainly backs up that observation!

Situation Update

This is a summary of much of the latest information compiled from the Telegram application, which is about the only source for truth about the news these day.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

SITUATION UPDATE for March 26, 2022

It’s all about to change very soon!


You’re Watching a Movie!

Late this week, Canada’s Queen Romana received a gift from Vladimir Putin while she was on the road across Canada in here small convoy. He also fully endorsed her. Putin, of course, is aligned with Trump, Modi, Xi, and other freedom fighters in the war to remove the Deep State from the Earth

Follow the Breadcrumbs

Earlier this week, “Relentless Truth” wrote a very appropriate bullet list describing the “Crimes of Russia” (according to the Fake News media, that is):

  • Putin doesn’t spy on us; our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t carry out false flags against us, our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t rig elections; our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t flood the world with dangerous drugs and weapons, our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t brainwash the minds of the masses; our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t take over foreign governments and use them as corruption playpens, our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t cover up the crimes of the elites, our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t facilitate human trafficking; our intelligence agencies do.
  • Putin doesn’t carry out crimes against humanity, our intelligence agencies do.

The “FIVE I’S” which include Intelligence Agencies from US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand; collaborate to bring down sovereign nation-states, to impoverish the people, reduce the population and fill up their coffers. That this statement is true has been shared in videos and presented by notables with solid credentials. It’s widely written about by whistle-blowers and White Hats, with published books and can easily be found online, with a simple search. One great resource is:

Secret Societies/New World Order by Milton William Cooper” 

Bill Cooper, was “unemployed” by the Central Intelligence Agency, under an arrangement sort of like, “If anyone asks us, we don’t know you.” He was also a true Patriot and a Believer in Justice, which after Nixon was set aside, was eliminated from the “In” crowd. Bill beautifully describes the corruption and harm of innocents fostered by these Agencies, followed the corruption and implosion of free, sovereign nations.

And, another great listen by the brilliant Catherine Austin Fitts, discussing these exact acts.

Now, these same Alphabet Agencies (CIA, FBI, etc) are trying their games on the UNITED STATES. They’ve targeted all of NORTH AMERICA with CANADA and MEXICO in their sites (with Biden and Trudeau being the scapegoats and earning billions to play along), and RUSSIA. They’re running the same playbook with everyone. But Putin is not playing. No, the destruction of Russia isn’t going to happen.

The Gig is UP

Putin is demanding payment for Russia’s oil and gas sales in (Golden) Rubles. To every nation state hanging on to SWIFT, sanctioning Russia, the Gig is really UP. This is the end of the “Sanction War” and the final end to SWIFT. This is the move to Blockchain and security and an end to the US Treasury’s hegemony over the transfer of money all over the Free World. Russian Rubles demand Safe Transfer, by those who buy their goods.


A Massive CGI Event — Trudeau and the European Union

This past week, Justin Trudeau supposedly was told “to his face” by a European Union Minister that he was a dictator. Well the world went nuts! Or, at least, Facebook did.

I knew otherwise, instantly. Trudeau’s been dead for quite some time, having been arrested in 2019.

"You're a dictator Justin Trudeau" - European Leader

If you pay attention to what’s actually going on in this video (something that comes naturally to me as a television director and editor for over 45 years, you can catch all the “lies.”

Above is a wider shot of the proceedings as the minister is talking. Notice that the wall behind him only comes up to his shoulder. More on that to follow.

click to expand

1. For starters, the EU minister has a suit collar that rides way up above his shirt in the back. I’ve never seen this in real life; it suggests something is not right with the image. Then there are the wide shots (above) where the back wall top at about his shoulder, but in close ups close to the same eyeline, the top of the wall is way out of the frame. Having done so many of these with cameras at different angles, that would be almost impossible to achieve.

click to expand

2. Then there’ the vertical break in the wall that should be behind both of them (EU guy and Trudeau), but in the closer shot, it magically disappears. It’s been photoshopped out, so the close ups we done somewhere else, maybe greenscreen.

3. Trudeau is the same. As well, they both have dark areas below the adam’s apple in the front, which smacks of CGI. I see very obvious issues pointing to computer generated images, but they’re subtle and difficult to show without doing a video to point them out.
3, Trudeaus’ ears are different. This is probably the most obvious giveaway that this is not Trudeau. You can always tell by the ears. It opens up the option that these could be masks. Also, This is the cleanest “beard” I’ve even seen on Trudeau. Because of his dark hair, you can always see a “five o’clock shadow in almost all other pictures that I’ve scanned). Either he’s heavily made up, which would be unlikely in an EU conference, or it’s CGI (computer generated images). And Trudeau has never spoken like this. Where are the ums and ahs and that halting sentence deliver that we used to make fun of in my Toastmasters club meetings?
All faked, IMHO.


The Trudeau Indictment (June 7, 2019)

This is the video of the indictment information, and you’ll find a link to the actual PDF on the Youtube page where the video is.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity - ITCCS Summons June 7, 2019

Some other important Trudeau dates:

G7 Meeting in Canada: June 8-9, 2018. This is when Trudeau attempted to shoot down Trump’s plane (AF1) as he was leaving the G7 meeting. It was apparently fired from an island south of Vancouver, BC, south of Anacortes on the US side.

Trudeau’s Indictment: Dated Jun 7, 2019 summoned to Vancouver for September 16, 2019.

20 Second Gap: June 2, 2020. This was not Trudeau but an actor fielding his first question. You can find that video here.

In any case, he’s long gone.


We still have these major events still to go. I don’t know what the timing will be, but it will start to get obvious in the coming days, I think.

We’re now in the GREAT AWAKENING phase, but THE STORM is still underway. Some of the expected events below have happened (GREEN CHECK MARK) and some are in progress:

      • (in progress) WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens: This is the Russia/Ukraine false flag war. The real end target it Israel. It’s the rathole where the Zionists live (they own main stream media), the Mossad hangs out and the last of the Kharzarian mafia (the Rothschilds, and friends).  As the Q Team has always said, “Israel will be last” and the buildings that are “going down” and imploding, meaning they’re pre-wired with explosives). Big announcement about Iran coming, also, and Turkey is on the list.
      • Changing over to Tesla Free Energy (this will require power to go off around the world, but it will be a short blackout)
      • (partially complete, but don’t know the count) 34 satanic buildings & dams bombed  — I think some of these buildings have already been taken out. They appear to be part of an energy grid system that has keep the natural energy of the Earth suppressed — much more on this to come. The White House is going to be imploded; it has already been wired up with explosives.
      • (Reports are that this has happened.) Breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam in China. This dam sits above Wuhan and the plan is that the water from the break will destroy the Wuhan lab, which has a link to US Big Pharma, and will be the beginning of the end for them. Bitcoin Servers turned off (99.5% of Crypto gone China Coins) — this involves the dismantling of 24 nuclear reactors under the dam that provide the electricity for Bitcoin. This is going to be cover for the breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam.
      • (now in Ukraine, Canada, US and possibly some others) Martial Law — for the ten days dubbed “ten days of darkness,” and beyond. It will likely stay in place much longer as the cleanup continues. Actually, it should be called “ten days to the light!” It will be the Great Awakening as we see round the clock video that explains most of what’s been going on the last 5 years to overthrow what’s been going on for two thousand years! — the Illuminati.
      • AND, of course …. GESARA (which officially came in on Feb, 22, 2022).

They’ve recently said, “You’re watching a movie, but it’s coming to an end.” The action is Ukraine is a really big ending because it’s all being played out in the media. The population is not at risk.

We’re already in “The Great Awakening” part of the process, but THE STORM continues (flooding, explosions, arrests, resignations, audits …). There’s so much going on that’s not obvious to the general public, but  many things are starting to hit the mainstream media now, so many more are starting to “wake up.”

The long wait is finally come to an end. It sounds like this coming week is going to be another week to remember, maybe even more important than last week!


Enjoy the Awakening!

Know the Past. See the Future


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All the Same Market.

I’ve been mentioning for months now that the entire market is moving as one entity, the “all the same market” scenario, a phrase that Robert Prechter coined many years ago, when he projected the upcoming crash.

We’re in the midst of deleveraging the enormous debt around the world. Central banks are losing the control they had and we’re slowly sinking into deflation world-wide, with Europe in the lead.

The US dollar is fully in charge of both the equities and currencies markets. They’re all moving in tandem, as I’ve been saying since September of 2017. Over the past three years, their movements have been moving closer and closer together and one, and now they’re in lock-step, with the major turns happening at about the same time.

it’s challenging because often times currency pairs are waiting for equities to turn, and other times, it’s the opposite. The other frustrating thing is that in between the major turns, there are no major trades; they’re all, for the most part day-trades. That’s certainly the case in corrections, where you very often have several possible targets for the end of the correction.

We’re now close to a turn in the US indices, currency pairs, oil, and even gold. Elliott wave does not have a reliable timing aspect, but it looks like we should see a top very soon.


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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Above is the daily chart of ES (click to enlarge, as with any of my charts).

The ongoing bounce that's lasted for the past two weeks should be complete. In the SP500 and ES, it's now reached the 62% level of the entire fourth wave down. It's been frustrating because the wave structures are difficult to decipher. They are different in the SP500 and ES.

However, as of Friday, they appear to have fibonacci relationships in their subwaves that would suggest they're complete. As a result, I'm expecting a downturn to a new low near the beginning of the coming week.

Fibonacci ratios as critically important in determining turn points. Almost all waves, motive or corrective, have fibonacci ratios to each other that are usually either 62% or 38%. On many occasions, an A and C wave of a pattern can have wavelengths that are equal.

In ES, the waves up appear to be zigzags. There is no noticeable second wave. They are corrective. We're had three days of sideways movement at the tops. There's lots of RSI divergence.

So ... futures are going to head down. There are multiple targets for a bottom. I don't know what the timing will be to reach the bottom; I believe that's going to be dependent on events. Events don't change the projection, but they can certainly ramp up momentum!

Here are some event possibilities:

    • Queen Elizabeth's public death announcement
    • Trump being reinstated (Harris has quit, I think). Biden is in "tick tock" mode for an appropriate end. The US Corporation in DC is bankrupt.
    • Clinton public arrest (already been executed)
    • Obama public arrest (already been executed)

I've been expecting a "capitulation wave." Well, this looks like it setting up.

A capitulation wave is the wave that gets everyone thinking the market has topped and is heading down. Many will jump in short at the bottom, or near the bottom, only to be rudely awakened when the market suddenly turns back up and heads for that final fifth wave high.

The final scenes of this movie are playing out — not much longer to go until we see freedom from the dark, satanic overlords.


Summary:  We're heading down imminently, I believe, to finish off the large fourth wave, which will ultimately lead to the final fifth wave up to end the rally from March 2020.

The larger wave up from March, 2020 is a zigzag, as expected (a 5-3-5 pattern). It will eventually completely retrace to the downside. In terms of the subwaves, we're heading down in the final fourth wave of the C wave of this year and a half rally. There's a good chance we'll see an "unexpected" capitulation move, which is quite often what happens with the final fourth wave before a top. 

Once we've found the bottom of this fourth wave (pending), we'll trace out a final fifth wave up to a new high. The entire move up from March 2020 is almost complete. 

Once we've reached an area below 2100, we'll turn back up to climb to a final slight new high in a fifth wave of this 500 year cycle top.

Know the Past. See the Future

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