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ISRAEL is Last

The War is On!

A major war with Israel is part of the final scare event we’ve been waiting for. It will get bigger before it ends, most likely involving Iran, the UK, the US, and possibly Russia. There are also tensions developing in the east between China, Taiwan, and the United States.

This is all part of the movie, so don’t be concerned about a  world war developing into a nuclear attack. There are no nuclear weapons. This was another big lie designed to keep our vibrations low, and to keep us docile. You’re going to find out the the WWII bombing of Japan was staged to a certain extent and all the nuclear treaties were a complete hoax. There hasn’t been much truth in the world to date, but you’re going to find that truth will prevail once this final battle is over and the ten days of video playback is launched, probably sometime around next weekend (the 15th?).

There’s an annular solar eclipse coming on Saturday, October 14, where the Moon will almost completely obliterate the Sun, except for a slight, bright ring around it. I suspect this will trigger the electrical shutdown on the planet and roll into the SHUTDOWN of transportation and communication at the same time.

In the meantime, we’re clearly in the midst of the building “scare event” which will grow into a near nuclear conflict before being saved by Trump (that’s what we’ve always heard is the game plan). This action final action of saving the day may be centred on the House of Representatives, as Trump may end up being elected Leader of the House sometime this coming week.

Video Update — The Final Week

Here’s a 33 minute update on the Final Week before the Emergency Broadcast System fires up and what we might expect leading up to it.


NBC Special Report — The War in Israel

Full Special Report: Israel declares war after surprise Hamas attack | NBC News

Hamas launched a surprise attack within Israel’s borders overnight, launching rockets from the Gaza Strip then sending militants into the southern part of the streets of Israel. Raf Sanchez reports from Ashkelon on the fatalities known so far and why this situation is unprecedented.

Full Special Report: Israel declares war after surprise Hamas attack | NBC News

The movie is in full swing! The NBC report is obviously pre-recorded and edited.  While the war was declared very early in the morning when hostilities started, this video came out only hours later. It’s a very strange concoction, nonetheless.

You cannot assemble a polished presentation like this and quickly edit together footage from various locations. capturing all those explosions as they happen, edit it all together and converse live with an on-location war correspondent, unless he was sleeping close-by with his crew, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

The narrative here is made up. Notice all the burned-out cars that got hit this morning but not a whisper of smoke, or fire. Sure got them cleaned up quickly!. The reporter doesn’t have a hand-held mic … in a war zone? Looks like a production set-up rather than a news crew and Raf, the reporter, is in a t-shirt, while not wearing his hard hat. But just a minor inconsistency, I guess. lol

But, that’s what I’d expect, so is not much of chore to pick it apart.

It’s a movie and it’s almost at an end. Israel has been left for last, as we’ve been told it would be, for at least a couple of years now. Watch this event build to a climax this week.

From AMG News

The Event: Gesara Military Law, Secret Military Tribunals, Vatican, Buckingham Palace, Big Pharma, Khazarian Group, Castle Rock and More

Envisioning a grand, almost cinematic scenario reminiscent of biblical proportions, it appears that behind the scenes, there are significant actions taking place. 

It’s not a global conflict as some might think, but rather a sequence of events that involve activating various military forces, targeting specific landmarks with alleged ties to secretive groups, and implementing GESARA funds, ultimately leading to a collaborative effort to rebuild society.

It’s often referred to as “The Event,” and it carries a profound sense of importance. .. 

The Event: Gesara Military Law, Secret Military Tribunals, Vatican, Buckingham Palace, Big Pharma, Khazarian Group, Castle Rock and More

click to expand

To the left is the West Coast Wizard, rumoured to be one of the Kennedys.

Nothing can stop what is coming. They don’t want us to know actual dates, because, if we do, the Deep States does, too. There is no reason at this point that you should not be prepared for a shutdown. Make sure to have enough food and water for about a three week period, although I expect it will all be over before then. The military will be stationed in major cities and their job, in part, will be to provide food and medical assistance to anyone who needs it during that period.

This should be a week coming that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!


The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is about to explode worldwide. Documentaries in 55 languages and 600 dialects on all channels on the Planet will be coming into your home courtesy of the Alliance Space Force. Many people will be shocked. Please prepare your family. Yes, everything will be revealed


Miscellaneous Happenings 

The main stream media narrative is rapidly changing. The Deep State is no longer in control of media; the white hats are in full control. When Israel is defeated, the main stream media will go down. Israel owns it, so this isn’t debatable.

As we come to the very end of the movie, we’re waiting to see certain milestone. I”m expecting to see movement in the royals’ “house of actors” sometime very soon (the British royal family of pedophiles and reptilian hybrids has been removed, and only actors remain).

I do know that the demise of Charlie “sausage fingers” is on tap. He is supposed to die in a plane crash of some kind and be eaten by wolves. That’s the story we’ve been fed. Whatever the plan is (because the intel has a habit of changing on a dime these days), I expect a crash of some kind, which I believe is the crash they’ve been alluding to in order to kick off this final chapter. The stock market is not anywhere near a crash as this point and, in fact is about to start a rally to new highs.

On the RV (currency revaluation and Global Financial Reset) side, everything appears to be ready to go. We’re waiting for the final pricing of the dinar from Iraq and for it to appear on the forex to allow trading. As of October 1, the new currency was supposed to be law, but it still hasn’t been announced worldwide. Many of the people in the upper tiers of the monetary rollout are under non-disclosure agreements. The flow of information from that sector is almost non-existent. However, we’re still being told that an announcement is imminent, a worldwide shutdown to follow, and ten days of video playback ready to roll out.

There’s misinformation all over the place, on purpose, so trying to get a handle on what’s actually going to happen and putting a date on it now, is virtually impossible — at this writing, at least.


Messages, like the one below are appearing in multiple channels daily in the Telegram app, which is the main source of knowledge. You know we have to be close to an end:


Update on Important Dates Coming Up

The flurry of videos and posts in Telegram regarding dates continued this week, with no apparent changes. The Saturday Situation Report (PDF) is below, containing detailed information, but I warn you that, despite the fact that they said it’s been “cleaned up,” it still riddled with questionable intel, and a fair amount of obvious misinformation.

The important dates are:

Friday, Sept 25 — “God returns” — a metaphor for Judgement day. It was the Day of Atonement.

Yom Kippur, “the day of atonement,” is the day Moses achieved complete forgiveness for the People of Israel after the Sin of the Golden Calf. In 2023, it began before sundown on Sunday, Sept. 24, and ended the following evening, Monday, Sept. 25, after night had fallen. “ISRAEL IS LAST” is what we’ve been told by Q since the very beginning. This suggests Yom Kippur, may be a really big day behind the scenes. In fact, about 10 days later (“ten days of darkness”) the israeli war has begun.

Sunday, October 1 — the first banking day of October in the Mideast and was also the starting of the new US Fiscal Year. All banks were required to be on the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System rather than the old SWIFT System based on the fiat US Dollar; the new gold/ asset-backed US Note was expected to be announced and active, plus the new international rate for the Iraqi Dinar, but a public announcement has not yet been made.

Monday, October 2 — This was the day highlighted on the infamous Mickey Mouse clock, with the big hand on the ten (for the tenth month, October) and the little hand on the two (for the date). It’s now been confirmed that it was the start of the final chapter, representing the military phrase “on the clock,” which means the schedule is in place and the go command has been given. Nothing can stop it what is coming.

October 4 — This was the date of a Cabal test of the Emergency Broadcast System alerts, but it was circumvented by the White Hats when they triggered their alert two minutes early and, at the same time, switched over to the Starlink satellite system. This switched over the internet (and wifi, I’m guessing); it has made the internet slightly faster than it was before. It will be even faster when the entire system is in place. This is just the start of what’s to come. The test was just in the US and Russia.

October 5 — This was supposedly the “flip” in the calendar, from Gregorian to Julian, as this is the date of the original flip in the year 1582, but I have nothing to confirm that this has happened. We do know, however, that the military is operating on the Julian calendar. Confusion has been almost everywhere!

October 14 — Annular Solar Eclipse. The Moon will almost completely obliterate the Sun, except for a slight, bright ring around it. I suspect this will trigger the electrical shutdown on the planet and roll into the SHUTDOWN of transportation and communication (cell phones, internet, television, radio.

October 15 — Start of the Emergency Broadcast System?

October 28 — Partial Lunar Eclipse. I expect this event to happen after the end of the SHUTDOWN, so eclipses will, in effect “bookend” the Emergency Broadcast System playback period.

The Mickey Mouse clock has been persistently popping up over the past two weeks, as a warning, perhaps. It marks the start of this ending phase, meaning that it is now “on-the-clock” and unstoppable.

Keep in mind that there’s going to be a PUBLIC calendar change in the very near future, from the Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar (technically, I would have expected it on October 4). To move from the Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar, you have to subtract 13 days (unless something has changed). The calendars have been an extremely confusing part of the movie narrative.


David Wilcock — from his Official Telegram Channel

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

Sun. 8 Oct. Bombshell!!! Martial Law Unleashed: EBS Alert’s Urgent Broadcast and How Redemption Centers Might Be Our Only Hope! | Alternative | Before It’s News (  ETHAN WHITE … BOMBSHELL !!! MARTIAL LAW UNLEASHED: EBS ALERT’S URGENT BROADCAST AND HOW REDEMPTION CENTERS MIGHT BE OUR ONLY HOPE! (

Deep State arrests: California alone has witnessed up to 8000 arrests, with over 3000 in the Northeast U.S., particularly concentrated in the New England area.

Rumors suggest that the populace might be urged to stay indoors for their safety, especially during ‘Disclosures‘, while the final arrests take place. However, a resilient and awakened citizenry, now more than ever, won’t be silenced or confined.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is on the horizon, and when it hits, it will be swift, silent, and shocking. Like a ghostly shadow, everything familiar will fade into obscurity.

Just like the eerie silence of 2020, we’ll be asked to remain rooted, perhaps for days, maybe weeks.

The Military, it seems, has a broader purpose. As the last of the so-called Satanists face arrest and are sent to GITMO, the Military is also gearing up to distribute food, especially to the elderly. This is not just about control but also about care.

There’s chatter about the Military potentially overseeing the nation until fresh elections are held, precisely 120 days post the Gesara announcement. The focus should shift towards electing individuals with business acumen, particularly those who can rejuvenate local businesses, and more importantly, food-growing enterprises.

The bustling stock market? Halted. The digital world you’re so intricately linked to? Gone. And trust me, when the EBS alert vibrates your cell phone, echoing the chilling announcement, you’ll know it’s begun.

These messages, sourced from the Starlink, are there to stay. Deleting them? Forget about it. They’re imprinted, lasting reminders of the changing times.

Essentials First: Stock up on clean drinking water. Ensure there’s enough food, not just for you, but for your pets too. Medicines? Get them in advance. Remember, the digital world is on a hiatus, so medical records are inaccessible.

Cash is King: In a world where digital transactions become obsolete, cash will be your savior. ATMs might be out of service, and swiping those cards at gas pumps? Dream on.

Mental Fortitude: When the shock hits, it’s vital to keep your wits about you. Before you extend your hand to others, ensure you’re mentally fortified. Some might be in a state of shock, unable to respond. In such cases, a breath of fresh air, a gentle walk, might help.

Your TV, phone, and internet will spring back to life, unveiling a spectacle titled ‘Disclosures’. Rumor has it, it might even grace the big screens. But this isn’t your typical Netflix binge. It’s a 24/7, 8-hour block broadcast, lasting anywhere between 3 to 10 days.

The content? Oh, it’s the raw, unfiltered truth of events, spanning Military Tribunals and even, hold your breath, Public Executions. Areas drenched in corruption, like Los Angeles and New York, might experience extended viewing periods.

But when the switch is flipped back, expect a metamorphosis. A world pulsating with positive energy, devoid of evil’s grasp. The internet? Transformed. Banking systems? Revolutionized. This, dear readers, is the dawn of an era of transparency and abundance. A veritable paradise on Earth.

However, as the layers peel back, revealing covert operations, prepare to be flabbergasted. The faces you recognize might just be elaborate masquerades, Hollywood-grade masks, CGI marvels, and eerily realistic Body Doubles. Ever watched the ‘Truman Show’? Our reality might not be far off, with the scripted drama unfolding since 2015, or perhaps even earlier.



from New Earth News 17 on Telegram

Beings of Light, you were prepared to be Guides, Beacons of Light and models for humanity, the approaching tsunami of Light will release all pain across the planet, this means that the pains of the past will be Released, but it will be very painful for those who have not prepared.

Pain will be released from our physical bodies, the Ascension has begun and as you already know the Planet is rising from the third to the fifth Dimension, and to keep standing, we must be free from the Ego, Attachments, Beliefs, Regrets. , Frustration , etc . FREE FROM ALL LOW VIBRATION FEELINGS

All the repressed emotions that were not released, now will be..

All the pain from planet earth that we ourselves have caused to GAIA, will be released…

Beings of Light… you are asked to be firm, to apply all that is poured here, that the work is to keep your Light of Love for others, to be the Guide of Love and Forgiveness, to be the bridge home to the source, remember that you are the living example, for which all your strength is needed to be a pillar of Light.






Everything will happen according to your degree of awareness and your degree of preparation, that is, according to your spiritual level and your work done these years will allow you to understand this process, but… if you have not done anything your process will be complex, because you do not know what is happening.

Those who are prepared will see the manifestation of God the Father and the Mother all over the Planet, those who are not prepared will see tragedy and pain, everything depends on their level of consciousness.

As creators, each one will create their hell or their paradise, according to their evolutionary degree of consciousness.


Remember: There were many teachers who left their teachings and all were ridiculed and eliminated for speaking the truth and the last teacher was crucified and they all taught you that “LOVE AND FORGIVENESS” is the way home and that’s the only thing that matters.

Happy transition to Truth and Light, happy Awakening to Reality. Light, Love, Peace, Forgiveness, Truth and Humility to all Humanity.


Wormwood is Ivermectin

If you can’t get hold of Ivermectin, here’s the nest best thing, often available through health food stores.


OPERATION: SANDMAN (Still “a thing!”)

(updated from last week)

“Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar.” When this “event” is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge. (this is what we’ve been told)

What will happen (this is a planned event by the US military) is that one hundred, or so, countries, will sell their US dollars back to the US and will cease holding dollars. This would be perceived as inflationary to the US, as these dollars would move back into the US treasury, and drive down the dollar, which is what we want to have happen.

The other potential driver of the dollar is the release of huge amounts of humanitarian funds (and restitution funds — think seniors) which are believed to be in fiat dollars initially, with a release we keep hearing is imminent (in fact, long overdue).

Nearly 60% of international reserves are held in dollar-denominated assets, and it’s by far the most-used currency for trade. The dollar is involved in about 88% of all international trade transactions.

When Israel is defeated in this current war, the main stream media, which it owns, will also come down. At that point, we should be ready to roll into the Emergency Broadcast System playback around the world over a ten day period.

So, the “cavalry” seems to be waiting on the edge of town!

The fireworks are about to begin!


Situation Report for Tuesday, October 10 — PDF DOWNLOAD: Restored-Republic-via-a-GCR-10-10-2023


We’re in the STORM — the STORM Brings Justice

There are still several tasks to be undertaken in terms of doling out justice. We’re in THE STORM which is responsible for mass arrests now happening worldwide. As in any movie, there are always details at the end to wrap up the plot. This movie is no exception. You’ll see a list below. It seems we’re going to see some of this happen during the Emergency Broadcast System playback and perhaps, even after. I’m hearing that martial law is going to be in place for quite some time to come. Military tribunals are scheduled for the summer of 2023. Many have been completed, but there are a lot more to go, at lower levels of corruption.

This warning graphic below will remain up as a reminder of the impending change in fortunes that is not very far off in the distance and will definitely affect the market.

In terms of what’s happening in the “unreal” world (the movie), we have the following possible “bombs” sitting in the wings: (I believe these events are now imminent)

    • the public death of “King Charles (now DEAD) and the arrest of Andrew, which would likely end with the emergence of “Queen” Diana. There’s also an impending announcement of the end of the CROWN (which may come from Prince William)
    • a nuclear stand-off, which is at a level now that suggests a turning point is nigh. This is not real (it’s a “movie”), but will appear real to the world-at-large and could affect the market (this is imminent, I believe)
    • the announcement of the death of the Pope, although this does not in itself promise a major impact on the market. He’s back in hospital this weekend, so I expect his death to be announced at any time now.
    • the imminent removal of Joe Biden and shutdown of the fake government (USA Inc) (Biden has been called up for impeachment, and there’s the pending SCOTUS/Brunson case.)
    • the take down of the main stream media, along with social media (mostly complete now)
    • public arrests (eg — Obama, Clinton), Pelosi hanging was December 27, 2022.
    • martial law worldwide, in which you’ll see military on the streets in major cities (pending)


Looking at THE STORM and Upcoming Events

We still have these major events still to go. I don’t know what the timing will be, but it will start to get obvious in the coming days, I think.

We’re now in the GREAT AWAKENING phase, but THE STORM is still underway. Some of the expected events below have happened (GREEN CHECK MARK) and some are in progress:

      • (in progress) WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens: This is the Russia/Ukraine false flag war. As the Q Team has always said, “Israel will be last” and the buildings that are “going down” and imploding, meaning they’re pre-wired with explosives). Pending.
      • Changing over to Tesla Free Energy (this will require power to go off around the world, but it will be a short blackout). We’re told to still expect this soon
      • (partially complete, but don’t know the count) 34 satanic buildings & dams bombed  — I think some of these buildings have already been taken out, but the major ones still have to be dismantled, probably with Rods of God. The major buildings appear to be part of an energy grid system that has keep the natural energy of the Earth suppressed — more on this to come. The White House is apparently going to be imploded; it has already been wired up with explosives.
      • (Reports now CONFIRM that this happened on August 29 but there are also suggestions it’s still about to happen on Tuesday, June 13.) Breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam in China. This dam sits above Wuhan and the plan is that the water from the break will destroy the Wuhan lab, which has a link to US Big Pharma, and will be the beginning of the end for them. Bitcoin Servers turned off (99.5% of Crypto gone) — this involves the dismantling of 24 nuclear reactors under the dam that provide the electricity for Bitcoin.
      • (now in Ukraine, Canada, US and possibly some other countries) Martial Law — A higher level is about to be implements and It will likely stay in place much longer as the cleanup continues. The announcement and appearance on the streets will alert to the Great Awakening (The Emergency Broadcast System).
      • AND, of course …. the public announcement of GESARA. GESARA has been signed off by 209 countries, so it is, in fact, law.


Enjoy the Awakening!

Know the Past. See the Future


Webinar Playback:  Elliott Wave Basics

If you’re new to the Elliott Wave Principle, or even fairly comfortable with it, this webinar will give you a solid introduction and comprehensive understanding of the difference between trending and counter-trend waves, the various patterns for both types of wave patterns, and a good overview of how fibonacci ratios determine trade targets

Video Playback (Click here)

This is link to the YouTube playback video, allowing you to review, stop and start, etc.


All the Same Market.

I’ve been mentioning for months now that the entire market is moving as one entity, the “all the same market” scenario, a phrase that Robert Prechter coined many years ago, when he projected the upcoming crash.

We’re in the midst of deleveraging the enormous debt around the world. Central banks are losing the control they had and we’re slowly sinking into deflation world-wide, with Europe in the lead.

The US dollar is fully in charge of both the equities and currencies markets. They’re all moving in tandem, as I’ve been saying since September of 2017. Over the past three years, their movements have been moving closer and closer together and one, and now they’re in lock-step, with the major turns happening at about the same time.

it’s challenging because often times currency pairs are waiting for equities to turn, and other times, it’s the opposite. The other frustrating thing is that in between the major turns, there are no major trades; they’re all, for the most part day-trades. That’s certainly the case in corrections, where you very often have several possible targets for the end of the correction.

We’re now close to a turn in the US indices, currency pairs, oil, and even gold. Elliott wave does not have a reliable timing aspect, but it looks like we should see a top very soon.


Get an upper hand … JC 2

Get an upper hand in trading …

Seeing all the different currency pairs and the wave structures and hearing you explain why this has to do that on a nightly bases gives one a upper hand when trading. Elliott Wave applies to all stock and indices and can be applied to any candlestick chart.

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Tops in your field DZ 2

Tops in your field …

You are tops in your field.  Tried to follow Elliot Wave international for years.  They were always behind the market.  After discovering you, I perceive that you are an expert in reading the waves, which puts you way ahead of the rest of your peers. And you can read the Waves like you are reading tomorrow’s financial section.  I pray you stay healthy.  —DZ

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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Above is the daily chart of the SP500 (click to enlarge, as with any of my charts).

Late in the week, SPX had a large, corrective rally and by the end of the session on Friday, had created a new, larger ending expanding diagonal with one more wave expected to the downside. All asset class I cover daily (USD currencies, oil, gold, silver, stocks, and futures) support one more wave to extend their current corrections.

Look for weakness to begin this week in futures and stocks, particularly. One more wave down to the lower trendline will complete the ending explanding diagonals in both ES and the SP500. NQ may have a broadening bottom playing out, but that is not certain. It could instead, just drop to a double bottom (at the current low).

For the SP500, we're now targeting the 38% retrace level (on the downside) of the entire corrective wave pattern up from 3482. I'm expecting a turn up and very large rally once a low is in place.

From the high at about 4600, the pattern down (on the daily chart above is an obvious ABC corrective wave. We're about to rally once we have a true bottom in place. I expect the ultimate high will test the 4800 level.

There is an annular solar eclipse on Saturday, October 14, which I expect will be very important and may lead straight away to the long-expected shutdown. There's another partial lunar eclipse on Saturday, October 28. I don't know of any other scheduled events for this coming week.

A final high for the SP500 in the area of 4800 would create a huge double top, which would strongly suggest we're getting ready for a big crash to below the 2000 level, to start, most likely, sometime in late October, maybe even early November. Expect at least a 50% drop in the market.

Bigger picture:  On the daily chart of the SP500 (above), the B wave down from January, 2022 (now over 18 months in length), previously dropped down to 50% (at 3500) of the corrective waves up from March, 2020. Historically, a B wave (or 4th wave)  usually retraces 62% of the previous rally (in this case, up from March, 2020). From where we are in the wave structure, a move down to the 62% retrace level would be classified as a capitulation move. The 62% level is at about 3250.

The probability, however, is that the SP500 is going to move up to the 4800 area. This would result in a double top for the third wave of the broadening top pattern* currently tracing out. It would then result in much deeper correction to the downside, targeting the lower trendline of the broadening top. This will target below the 2000 level for the SP500.

* On a much larger scale (weekly chart), we appear to be in a broadening top formation.


GESARA is coming in across the world, but slowly, country by country. When NESARA GESARA is announced worldwide, It will shut down governments, courts, and police worldwide, trigger a golden jubilee and bring in natural law throughout. It's a major milestone.

I don't know how all this will affect the ability to trade, but be aware that we could see the internet go down worldwide for the ten day of shutdown. Military intel has, in fact, told us so.

Based upon recent intel, the Emergency Broadcast System seems imminent, but they don't want us to know the timing. It's still "wait and see" time.


I'm strongly leaning now towards a rally for the SP500 to the 4800 level which would create a double top and that would lead to a major trend change to the downside, with a target under 2000.


Know the Past. See the Future

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