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Merry Christmas

Focus STILL on DXY

We’re STILL waiting for DXY to turn down. It seems imminent, but I note that there’s a full moon on Wednesday, September 14, with a lot of focus being placed on it. So, it’s certainly possible that we could sit where we are for a few more days. Hope not, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Meanwhile …

Martial law continues to become more entrenched. We’re under global martial law, as well (as of August 9) and we’ll start to see boots on the ground in American cities shortly.

Things continue to heat up, with airports shutting down, issues with Chinese cement threatening to close schools and hospitals, and now airports in the UK. New variants (COVID – related) and showing up, but this time, there’s going to be a concerted effort around the world to push back and to NOT COMPLY.

World debt was paid off late last week, not only for the US, but for the rest of the world. This is a major turning point. This weekend the G20 conference is in session and there are supposed to be major decisions made on the financial situation worldwide. This is likely the last meeting ever for the G20.

It’s going to be a big week. There will be a lot of revelations to come.

Hurricane Lee and the Impending Shutdown

There’s a lot of intel that points towards September 17 as the possible start of the Emergency Broadcast System. First of all, there’s a sudden hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean building that’s targeting the east coast of the US on or about September 17. The video below shows the projection.

There was an animated video out this past week (that I now can’t find that ended on September 17). But, here’s another graphic comm that is also targeting the 17th for the hurricane to hit land. This would most likely result in a lockdown situation for the east coast, as there are apparently three different storms converging and they’re promising the largest storm every to hit the financial centre of the United States.

This could be foreshadowing the shutdown of the internet and stock market, which they’ve promised for at least the initial stages of the Emergency Broadcast System playback, and the suggestion now is that the internet will be down for the entire ten days.

Below is a calendar that came from the video I can’t seem to find this morning. It’s pointing to zero day as being the 14th (full moon day). If the three day event starts then, it would take up to September 17. The three day scare event would see the 34 satanic building bombed, the threat of a nuclear war, perhaps, and is supposed to end in a complete shutdown of the Earth and ten days of video playback — The Great Awakening!

And then there’s the clock, which came out with all the other information above on Friday night, September 8.

It clearly shows the minute hand at 9 minutes to twelve. You add 9 to September 8 and you get 17. The number seventeen signifies Q. The Q Team is behind the Alliance and referred to as the White Hats.

So, we have the clock, this extraordinary Hurricane Lee hurtling towards the eastern seaboard of the US, destined to hit land on the 17th.

We have airport shutting down, schools and hospitals, and now government buildings (and some airports most recently) shutting down because of the Cemex and Chinese compromised cement issue, and an absolute boatload of the information coming out this weekend that I can’t keep up with.

I can actually keep up with reading it (I’ve spent hours today, as usual just doing that) but I don’t have the time to follow up to determine what’s real, or not. For example, there are two conflicting stories about the real life of Jesus out tonight, but with conflicting information.

Neil Degrasse Tyson, who we know is not a “good” person (female, I believe) because he spins the usual NASA-inspired yarns about outer space, is talking about how the pyramids were built. He says they definitely we’re built by aliens. And yet, the Egyptian rulers, with their elongated heads, were aliens, and, in fact, the human race was designed by aliens. That information I can provide off the top of my head.

West Coast Wizard

But, tonight, there a the West Coast Wizard admitting he’s JFK Jr.’s twin brother, when there’s a supposed friend of his saying he’s a retired construction worker from California and naming his wife. This is the kind of environment we “truthers” are trying to work with to discern what to print. It’s nuts out there!

There’s also the story that JFK Jr. as presented to us, is an actor and that the young JFK at the funeral in 1963 (with brown hair) could never look like the “Greek god” that John John, with the dark black hair turned out to be. There’s also the story out tonight that Princess Diana was also replaced a before she showed up at Buckingham Palace and married Charles. This is one heck of a movie! Who knows? But, we should know soon …

And if you’re still doubting this idea that we’re watching a movie, here’s a short clip of what those of us in television do … not that much is real these days!

In fact, if you watched the video I posted here last week of me exposing the corrupt banks and courts, that’s another example. The only thing real in that situation was me sitting in front of a green screen. Everything else in the screen is digitally generated. I’m sitting at a table, using a teleprompter, with a mouse at my feet to change the teleprompter screen when I need to. There’s nobody else there. Television is fake and it’s highly manipulative. It’s the reason I got more and more disillusioned with the industry in my later years. It’s no longer the industry it was in the 70s and 80s.


White Hats Shoot Down FEMA Plane Leaving Hawaii

On August 29, a White Hat-controlled Arleigh Burke-class destroyer shot down a State Department 767 carrying 180 FEMA personnel from Honolulu to Florida via a stopover at San Francisco International Airport, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The shootdown occurred at 2:15 a.m., approximately 300 nautical miles east of Oahu. The plane was flying at 37,000 feet when struck by a single Standard Missile 3 (SM-3). The 767 broke apart midair as it plummeted into the ocean.

Full story here.


click to expand

GESARA/NESARA will be activated!

(This comes from Charlie Ward, who is a clone, and there’s a picture to the left that you can expand. It shows the difference between the original and the clone we have not. He is a White Hat operation and so his information comes from the military)

The military will remove Cabal controlled governments worldwide and simultaneously arrest 500,000 sealed indictments worldwide!

[Seven Trumpets], aka EBS text messages alerting to tune in to TV, radio or phone, will be coming to phones!

Every World Military including the US Military will ensure shut down of all Media, Internet, Phone and TV program.

Emergency services will still work. Internet and ATMs will not work during that time, and phones will only work if you call 911.

This Global Martial Law includes 10 days of communications darkness, emergency broadcast systems operating around the world, and an eight-hour documentary on fraud, corruption, pedophilia, arrests and courts around the world, to be broadcast three times a day (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)!

After 10 days of communication darkness, we connected to a new network!

The Internet and old systems of government, education, finance, health, trade and commerce will be dismantled and replaced!


Update on Important Dates Coming Up

The flurry of videos and posts in Telegram regarding dates continued this week, with no apparent changes. There’s a very big date coming up September 23, and this may be the key date by which to expect the start of the crash. I don’t know what each of the dates below will bring, but these are the really important one that have been reinforced in comms over the past week, or so.

The important dates are:

Wednesday, Aug 30 — Super Blue Full Moon, very large in the sky, at the lowest point closest to Earth for the Moon for the year. Apparently, on this date, the Earth rose to the 5th dimensional level.Friday, Sept 11 — Christ’s birthday, supposedly (there’s controversy about this, but the information I have suggests the 11th is correct). It’s also the date that GESARA was to be announced in 2001.

Thursday, Sept 14 — New Moon. There are a lot of comms (intel) pointing towards this day as being very important. This could be the start of the three day scare event.

Sunday, Sept. 17 — Possible start of the Emergency Broadcast System shutdown. There are a lot of signs that this is indeed finally  IT. It looks like the 14th may start the three day event leading to the WWIII simulation, which will include bombing of the 34 satanic buildings.

Wednesday, Sept 23 — There’s a long standing prophecy this this date marks the end of the old world, and start of the new. It may be marked by celestial events of some magnitude. This date may mark the start of the stock market “crash.”

Friday, Sept 25 — God returns. This is a date that we blasted out by the West Coast Wizard, a well-connected, in-the-know patriot who’s been putting out videos for the past three years, keeping us up-to-date on the progress of the revolution.

Keep in mind that there’s going to be a calendar change in the very near future, from the Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar, which may, or may not, affect the dates above. To move from the Gregorian calendar to the Julian calendar, you have to subtract 13 days (unless something has changed). The calendars have been an extremely confusing part of the movie narrative.


What Gaddafi Did for Africa

This is the same thing that’s gone on again and again. The Rothschilds created all the wars we’ve had and they were all about getting financial control so they could rule the world and kill off the bulk of the world population. This can never be allowed to happen again.

And there are still morons out there that attack me for telling the truth! They are either too stupid to understand the tyranny they’ve been under all their lives, or they’re the enemy. I don’t know which at this point, but I suppose we’ll find out after the Emergency Broadcast System plays. Or, we’ll know based upon who’s left. 1500 indictments were apparently unsealed last week and there are a lot more to go!


Are These the New Q-Phones?

When we go to the redemption centres, we’ll be given new Q-Phones, which will use the Starlink System to communicate. No more telecom fees! These phones use biometrics to link to you directly so that nobody else can use them. They’re one of the ways you’ll be able to access your online Quantum account. You account will be totally secure.


OPERATION: SANDMAN (Still “a thing!”)

(updated from last week)

“Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar.” When this “event” is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge. (this is what we’ve been told)

What will happen (this is a planned event by the US military) is that one hundred, or so, countries, will sell their US dollars back to the US and will cease holding dollars. This would be perceived as inflationary to the US, as these dollars would move back into the US treasury, and drive down the dollar, which is what we want to have happen.

The other potential driver of the dollar is the release of huge amounts of humanitarian funds (and restitution funds — think seniors) which are believed to be in fiat dollars initially, with a release we keep hearing is imminent (in fact, long overdue).

Nearly 60% of international reserves are held in dollar-denominated assets, and it’s by far the most-used currency for trade. The dollar is involved in about 88% of all international trade transactions.

The Main Stream Media won’t be able to hide the fact their cabal financial system is bankrupt and collapsing at rapid speed. They will have no other choice but to report it.

So, the “cavalry” seems to be waiting on the edge of town!

The fireworks are about to begin!

Expect this coming week to be a big one.


Situation Report for Sat., September 9 — PDF DOWNLOAD: Restored-Republic-via-a-GCR-9-9-2023


Grounding — It’s Important You Do This for your Health!

If you can get out onto the Earth (the grass, or even in the dirt) with your shoes off for fifteen minutes a day, you’ll do wonders for your health. I don’t get to do it every day, but I try to as often as I can. It’s tough to do in the winter in Canada! But, you can use leather soles or buy shoes that don’t have rubber heels and can connect with the Earth.


New Earth News

September 10th, 2023

Linda Li 

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a quick update for you.

As of today, the Divine says that all of the elements for the final disclosure are in place. All of the events related to the final disclosure have been activated. The stage has been set and all of the preparation and activations are done. What comes next is the show time. Time to pop your popcorn and enjoy the show dear ones. 

The Divine says that the final disclosure has different parts and components. Some parts will happen in the United States. Other components will happen in other parts of the world. They are in an order which is strategically designed by Gaia and the Divine. And all of these events  are for the purpose of the next phase of Gaia’s ascension. The Divine says that Gaia has designed these events and now she is content and happy that the final disclosure is finally here for the world to see. 

The Divine says in the upcoming days, final disclosure related events will start unfolding. The Divine and Gaia are grateful for the process which is done and with the help of millions of light workers. The Divine is very pleased with the contributions that light workers have made and have great appreciation for a job well done. 

Gaia, too, is extremely thankful for all the hard work that our light workers have put in. And now all the hard work has paid off. The final disclosure is coming. Gaia’s next phase of the rebuilding process is in the near future and the Divine government is coming as well. Indeed, there are so many happenings and our light workers have done a great job to make all of these possible. 

So, your efforts have paid off dear ones. It is time to sit back and enjoy the show. The final disclosure is coming. Gaia’s ascension has advanced another milestone. And the Divine government is coming as well. The planet has entered into another epic. And all is for the greater good of all concerned. Gaia is indeed so excited and grateful for your hard work and peaceful presence. Divine love for you always. 

Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

We’re in the STORM — the STORM Brings Justice

There are still several tasks to be undertaken in terms of doling out justice. We’re in THE STORM which is responsible for mass arrests now happening worldwide. As in any movie, there are always details at the end to wrap up the plot. This movie is no exception. You’ll see a list below. It seems we’re going to see some of this happen during the Emergency Broadcast System playback and perhaps, even after. I’m hearing that martial law is going to be in place for quite some time to come. Military tribunals are scheduled for the summer of 2023. Many have been completed, but there are a lot more to go, at lower levels of corruption.

This warning graphic below will remain up as a reminder of the impending change in fortunes that is not very far off in the distance and will definitely affect the market.

In terms of what’s happening in the “unreal” world (the movie), we have the following possible “bombs” sitting in the wings: (I believe these events are now imminent)

    • the public death of “King Charles (now DEAD) and the arrest of Andrew, which would likely end with the emergence of “Queen” Diana. There’s also an impending announcement of the end of the CROWN (which may come from Prince William)
    • a nuclear stand-off, which is at a level now that suggests a turning point is nigh. This is not real (it’s a “movie”), but will appear real to the world-at-large and could affect the market (this is imminent, I believe)
    • the announcement of the death of the Pope, although this does not in itself promise a major impact on the market. He’s back in hospital this weekend, so I expect his death to be announced at any time now.
    • the imminent removal of Joe Biden and shutdown of the fake government (USA Inc) (Biden has been called up for impeachment, and there’s the pending SCOTUS/Brunson case.)
    • the take down of the main stream media, along with social media (mostly complete now)
    • public arrests (eg — Obama, Clinton), Pelosi hanging was December 27, 2022.
    • martial law worldwide, in which you’ll see military on the streets in major cities (pending)


Looking at THE STORM and Upcoming Events

We still have these major events still to go. I don’t know what the timing will be, but it will start to get obvious in the coming days, I think.

We’re now in the GREAT AWAKENING phase, but THE STORM is still underway. Some of the expected events below have happened (GREEN CHECK MARK) and some are in progress:

      • (in progress) WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens: This is the Russia/Ukraine false flag war. As the Q Team has always said, “Israel will be last” and the buildings that are “going down” and imploding, meaning they’re pre-wired with explosives). Pending.
      • Changing over to Tesla Free Energy (this will require power to go off around the world, but it will be a short blackout). We’re told to still expect this soon
      • (partially complete, but don’t know the count) 34 satanic buildings & dams bombed  — I think some of these buildings have already been taken out, but the major ones still have to be dismantled, probably with Rods of God. The major buildings appear to be part of an energy grid system that has keep the natural energy of the Earth suppressed — more on this to come. The White House is apparently going to be imploded; it has already, reportedly, been wired up with explosives.
      • (Reports now suggest that this happened on August 9 but there’s no official confirmation.) Breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam in China. This dam sits above Wuhan and the plan is that the water from the break will destroy the Wuhan lab, which has a link to US Big Pharma, and will be the beginning of the end for them. Bitcoin Servers turned off (99.5% of Crypto gone) — this involves the dismantling of 24 nuclear reactors under the dam that provide the electricity for Bitcoin.
      • (Martial Law is now GLOBAL) Martial Law — It will likely stay in place for several years as the cleanup continues. The announcement and appearance on the streets will alert to the Great Awakening (The Emergency Broadcast System).
      • AND, of course …. the public announcement of GESARA. GESARA has been signed off by 209 countries, so it is, in fact, law.


Enjoy the Awakening!

Know the Past. See the Future


Webinar Playback:  Elliott Wave Basics

If you’re new to the Elliott Wave Principle, or even fairly comfortable with it, this webinar will give you a solid introduction and comprehensive understanding of the difference between trending and counter-trend waves, the various patterns for both types of wave patterns, and a good overview of how fibonacci ratios determine trade targets

Video Playback (Click here)

This is link to the YouTube playback video, allowing you to review, stop and start, etc.


All the Same Market.

I’ve been mentioning for months now that the entire market is moving as one entity, the “all the same market” scenario, a phrase that Robert Prechter coined many years ago, when he projected the upcoming crash.

We’re in the midst of deleveraging the enormous debt around the world. Central banks are losing the control they had and we’re slowly sinking into deflation world-wide, with Europe in the lead.

The US dollar is fully in charge of both the equities and currencies markets. They’re all moving in tandem, as I’ve been saying since September of 2017. Over the past three years, their movements have been moving closer and closer together and one, and now they’re in lock-step, with the major turns happening at about the same time.

it’s challenging because often times currency pairs are waiting for equities to turn, and other times, it’s the opposite. The other frustrating thing is that in between the major turns, there are no major trades; they’re all, for the most part day-trades. That’s certainly the case in corrections, where you very often have several possible targets for the end of the correction.

We’re now close to a turn in the US indices, currency pairs, oil, and even gold. Elliott wave does not have a reliable timing aspect, but it looks like we should see a top very soon.


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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Above is the daily chart of the SP500 (click to enlarge, as with any of my charts).

Last weekend, the market, as a whole, was completely out-of-sync. This weekend, we're almost back in sync, with DXY at a high (the B wave of a regular flat) and the SP500 at the bottom of a B wave in what looks like a an ending diagonal in its early stages.

The SP500 is poised to rally and DXY is very near a high and ready to turn down in the final C wave of a regular flat (C waves of flats trace out five waves), to finish a very large fourth wave in the 96 area.

The expected SP500 rally appears to the third wave of an ending diagonal. I believe the target is going to be in the 4800 area.

This would create a huge double top at that level, which would strongly suggest we're getting ready for a big crash to below the 2000 level, to start, most likely, sometime in mid to late September. That would be about a 50% drop in the market.

Monday is September 11, which is Jesus' real birthday. and in effect, Christmas on the new Julian Calendar. This signifies that money should start to move out for humanitarian projects this coming week.

The only scheduled event this week is the New Moon, on Thursday, Sept. 14. I suppose the turn we're expecting in the market could end up waiting until then, but it looks like we'll turn over sooner. That remains to be seen.

Now, let's address the BIGGER picture, the weekly chart. Based upon the SP500 (and other indices) completing a broadening top (or in EW terms, an expanding triangle), I would expect one more wave up to an all-time new high before we see the ultimate crash of the entire market. That's at least another year away, and perhaps two.

On the daily chart of the SP500 (above), the B wave down from January, 2022 (now over 18 months in length), previously dropped down to 50% (at 3500) of the corrective waves up from March, 2020. Historically, a B wave (or 4th wave)  usually retraces 62% of the previous rally (in this case, up from March, 2020). From where we are in the wave structure, a move down to the 62% retrace level would be classified as a capitulation move. The 62% level is at about 3250.

The probability, however, is that the SP500 is going to move up to the 4800 area. This would result in a double top for the third wave of the broadening top pattern* currently tracing out. It would then result in much deeper correction to the downside, targeting the lower trendline of the broadening top. This will target below the 2000 level for the SP500.

* On a much larger scale (weekly chart), we appear to be in a broadening top formation.


GESARA is coming in across the world, but slowly, country by country. When NESARA GESARA is announced worldwide, It will shut down governments, courts, and police worldwide, trigger a golden jubilee and bring in natural law throughout. It's a major milestone.

I don't know how all this will affect the ability to trade, but be aware that we could face some internet disruptions. Military intel has, in fact, told us so.

I've said for months that once we top this corrective wave up, and then turn down, the Emergency Broadcast System won't be very far away, and that's still my thinking. 


Summary: ES and NQ are rallying in a corrective pattern that, once a new high is reached, has the ultimate outcome of turning back down and tracing out a capitulation wave down to a new low, perhaps to the 3250 level in ES, or we might see a larger crash to below 2000*.

*I'm strongly leaning now towards a rally for the SP500 to the 4800 level which would create a double top and that would lead to a major trend change to the downside.


Know the Past. See the Future

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