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Shock and Awe Coming

GESARA has been announced in several countries around the world (Portugal, Mexico, and a number of South American countries). It hasn’t yet been fully implemented. It’s a hint of what’s to come.

There’s a lot to GESARA, not just a debt jubilee. I expect it to be fully implemented within the next few weeks, starting with this week.

In any case, we’re now finally up against the Great Awakening. Sometime in the next few days, we should see the Emergency Broadcast System fire up and expose much of what’s been going on the past few years, perhaps exposing the past few decades, or even much of the history of the past 2000 years under the rule of the Illuminati. But, in ten days, it can’t possibly go into the depth it needs to to expose everything. The lies run very deep.

You’re going to learn that almost everything you’ve been taught about our world is a lie. The Cabal (Illuminati) has been in charge of the world for over two thousand years. The current revolution that I’ve been predicting for years (that Dr. Raymond Wheeler predicted in his work — work that I’ve studied for over 15 years now) reinforces the fact that history repeats in cycles that are periodic. His work provides the foundation to understand what’s going on today.

It things don’t “seem right,” is because much of what you’re seeing around you is a fabrication. Leaders of many of the G7 countries have been replaced by actors. The narrative is now being controlled by the “White Hats” — part of an international force comprised of armies around the world working in unison to destroy the Illuminati families and give back to the people of the world their freedom.

In the next couple of weeks (and beyond, because this runs so deep) you’re going to learn about the real world you live in — all hidden from you for centuries. It sounds incredible, but it’s all true.

In the process, you’re going to learn about new technologies and abilities that have been hidden from you, some of which easily falls under the heading of science fiction. But, it’s not; it’s real.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — Nikolai Tesla

This particular revolution is the largest in history and is not at all political, as many might believe. The struggle, as Sydney Powell has said, is “biblical. This is a war between good and evil. It’s a war we’re absolutely had to win if we expect humanity to exist in the future. I’m not being overly-dramatic here.

Let me me introduce you to Rachel Chandler. (remember Rachel and Chander from the sitcom series, Friends?) Everything in the world of Satan is connected.

If you’ve watched “Fall of the Cabal,” or better still, the “Sequel to Fall of the Cabal,” (find on then you have learned a good part of the history of the world, know of the satanic rituals of the cabal, the planning behind the current “plandemic,” and the co=ordinated effort by eugenicists, such as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, to kill us all (or, at least, vast number of us — ie: mass genocide).

Much of what’s been going on in the last five years is a cover for the worldwide trafficking of children to harvest their adrenochrome, a practice that’s been going on for centuries. It’s also been a calculated attempt to get rid of Donald Trump, who threatened to expose all of them, which will happen during the Great Awakening.

For the most part, the Illuminati have been removed from our planet. ” We’re still in THE STORM, which is a high level, concerted effort to work through the hundreds of thousands of indictments which will amount the the end of the ‘underlings.’ If you haven’t been exposed to much of what’s going on, most of what you’ll see below may not make much sense. It’s a compendium of some of the images left behind by this vast network of conspirators.

In all the writing on this subject that I’ve undertaken as a “messenger,” after thousands of hours of research, I’ve probably touched on only one percent of the horrific details of what’s been going on outside of the dungeons we’ve all been in for the last hundred years.

It’s going to take many people a minimum of a year to even understand the New World we’re moving into. In actual fact, much of the world hasn’t changed; we’re simply going to learn the truth about it. The Great Awakening is going to uncover many new technologies (at least 6,000) that have been hidden from us, that will change the way we live forever and give us back our health, freedom, peace, and prosperity beyond imagination.

You can stop and start the above video see take in what’s in the images. If you don’t understand them, don’t worry, all of it — everything! — will be declassified by August, 2021.

The Frog Effect

There’s an old wives tale that involves frogs in boiling water and is a metaphor for human nature.

First, put a frog in a pot of cold water, and then place that pot on a stove top. Now turn on the burner and very slowly increase the heat. The legend has it that the frog will not notice the ever-increasing temperature and will not jump out of the pot. It is, of course, not true. And it’s not true of humans either, in the same situation.

Humans, however, are tremendously adaptive—it’s a trait that has allowed us to prosper even in the most difficult of times. But it can be detrimental to our well-being, as well, because we often don’t recognize deteriorating conditions until it’s too late to do anything about them.

I continually refer to the “herd”—the bulk of society that is blissfully unaware that there are any problems with the financial system, that society has become generally very angry, and that our standard of living has dropped to a level at which despair is starting to overtake what once was the middle class. The food lines are growing, people are losing their jobs, many have lost their homes, and it’s getting worse and worse. The elite are growing are growing richer and more distant financially from the rest of the population—this is a typical major societal revolution that’s similar to ones of the past, most obviously, the French Revolution.

There are many who just don’t see the bigger picture. They’re either hoping for a turnaround in the near future (thanks to governments telling us conditions are much better now than in the past), or they’re losing their self esteem because they think their reduced lot in life is their fault (this is the true tragedy, in my opinion). Lives will be ruined and many will never recover psychologically.

Cycles give us the bigger picture and a warning of the bleak times just around the corner.

When the crash comes, there will still be many that will “buy the dips” either financially, or psychologically … all the way to the bottom. It has always happened that way.

“At the extremes, the herd is always wrong. One should not under estimate its capacity for stupidity.”
Phil Anderson, The Secret Life of Real Estate

If we could get the world to accept that major natural cycles change the course of history, perhaps we could prepare for the bad times by not going completely hog-wild in the good times. Perhaps I’m being way too naive?

Ho-Hum … History Repeats

The revolution we’re in the midst of now (a world war in a sense, which consists primarily of cyber-warfare) has happened over and over again throughout history. This one, being at the top of the 1000 year cycle is a MAJOR revolution. We are in the midst of overthrowing tyranny. Hence the phrase “We the People” which you’re going to see on documents and in print ad nauseum. I jokingly use the phrase, “ad nauseum” because this is actually a good thing. Tyranny is always overthrown by the people rising up to defeat the oppressors.

Tyranny has happened at predictable cycle tops since the beginning of time. It’s been percolating under the surface, of course, throughout millenia, due to the ongoing oppression by the Illuminati, but rises to the surface every 172 years, and at it’s highest level ever 1030 years (172 years X 6).

What Donald Trump has promised is peace coming for a thousand years. I don’t know how he arrived at that number, but historically, it’s true. Each one thousand year period culminates in a cycle top when there’s always tyranny of the people, crimes against humanity, and atrocities. In actual fact, the atrocities happen early in the rise to the cycle top, but it’s at the cycle top where the truth comes out. That’s where we are now. This is a major turning point in history, and as I’ve said many times, it’s right on schedule.

The top of this cycle was in 2007. The current interminable rally in the stock market gives it away, because it’s an “unnatural wave,” a man-made wave. It’s “corrective” in nature, meaning it will eventually fully retrace to the downside.

Even though man-made, it still moves (at least, the subwaves do) to the influences of the planets. The movement of the planets, and particularly the Sun and Moon, have a very large influence on social mood. The golden mean runs all through the stock market, In fact, every wave in the market has a relationship in length to the number 1.618. In effect, the market moves to “the laws of nature,” as it always has done. However, it’s been over-extended by the injection of huge amounts of cash in 2008 that has unnaturally kept it levitated. But it’s nearing a top.

As the world wakes up and the new system comes into place (in about a year is my estimate), you’re going to see the biggest stock market crash in history.

If you go back in history each 172 years, beginning with 2007, you’ll find a stock market crash at each one (or very close to each one). There was the largest market crash to date in the US in 1835 (the panic of 1837), and a crash in 1663, followed by the black plague and then the burning down of City of London. It’s a pattern that has gone on and on throughout history.

We all talk about history repeating, but few of us actually pay attention to it. If people did, they’d be able to predict, or at least, understand what’s happening at any particular time in history. I predicted Trump would win the election because I knew a revolution was coming and Clinton would have been a continuation of the past.

I knew the Covid pandemic was a farce because it came at the wrong time in the cycle. It should have happened years later after we’d turned colder and dryer.

Which brings me to Napoleon and Hitler … I know, a bit of a stretch, and I’m not going to go into in detail, but let me make this point: If you do your research, you’ll find that Hitler could have been the Napoleon brought back to life.

Napoleon came to power after the French Revolution, at the turn of the 19th century. He threw the Rothschilds (the evil bankers, and core of the Illuminati) out of the country and created a new economy for France that was firing on all cylinders, so to speak. It took the Rothschilds and their conspirators fifteen years of constant attacks to finally destroy him through poison.

Hitler came out of the dust of a revolution in Germany following WWI and the hyperinflation at the end of the Weimar Republic. He also threw the Rothschilds and their banking system out of the country and turned the economy around. The last thing he wanted was war. The rest of the story is going to come out very soon, and you’ll find out the current story of WWII is a lie.

Both these stories took place at the top of a warm-dry climate, which is where revolutions historically happen. We’re at the top now of an even hotter-drier period now, which is starting to turn colder and dryer. You have to expect revolutions at these hot-dry cycle tops. You also have to expect tyranny and crimes against humanity.

History repeats. Here’s Chaplin’s soliloquy from “The Great Dictator” produced in 1940. It may sound a bit familiar …

History is Important. History Repeats in perodic cycles (repeatable, predictable time periods). If you understand the basics of cycles, you can predict the ups and downs of the economy, climate, social mood, sexual preferences, and so on. More to come from me on this inboth  the near and more distant future.

But let’s get through the current revolution first, or at least the Great Awakening. My website at is where I’m going to cover off all the information in greater detail, so you have a roadmap for the future.

This is the largest military operation in the history of the world and the greatest social revolution of all time. What’s going to come out is going to shock the world. It’s going to take a good year just for everyone to come to grips with this “New World.” We’re going to lose a lot of people along the way to the vaccines, but the enormity of these revolutions always, unfortunately result in casualties. The cycle tells us this weil happen.

I quoted the prophetic words of Dr. Wheeler last week. Here they are again:

“Current events show that another world convulsion is occurring second only to

      1. the emergence of rational thought in the sixth century BC,
      2. the fall of Rome and other ancient civilizations in the 5th-century and the beginning of the medieval world based on feudalism, and
      3. he final collapse of the Middle Ages in the 15th-century. The current convulsion is comparable to the birth of Christianity in the first century and to the birth of the modern nation as a feudal principality in the ninth and 10 centuries.”

The Road Ahead … The Great Awakening is Next. We’re in THE STORM, which includes the BIG EVENT. Watch the water … and watch the news. The real past is just starting to be exposed..

We’re currently in the build-up to the BIG EVENT:

  • WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens: This appears to be an event that the US military is going to stage at the White House. Israel is in a “staged” war with the Palestinian Authority (“Israel will be last” and the buildings that are “going down” and imploding, meaning they’re pre-wired with explosives). Big announcement about Iran coming.
  • Changing over to Tesla Free Energy (this will require power to go off in the Continental US — not sure if it will affect the rest of the world)
  • 34 satanic buildings & dams bombed  — I think some of these buildings have already been taken out. They appear to be part of an energy grid system that has keep the natural energy of the Earth suppressed — much more on this to come
  • Breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam in China. This dam sits above Wuhan and the plan is that the water from the break will destroy the Wuhan lab, which has a link to US Big Pharma, and will be the beginning of the end for them. Bitcoin Servers turned off (99.5% of Crypto gone China Coins) — this involves the dismantling of 24 nuclear reactors under the dam that provide the electricity for Bitcoin. There’s a Chinese satellite that’s supposed to come crashing down to Earth and it’s likely this is going to be cover for the breaking of the 3 Gorges Dam.
  • Martial Law — for the ten days dubbed “ten days of darkness.” Actually, it should be called “ten days to the light!” It will be the Great Awakening as we see round the clock video that explains most of what’s been going on the last 5 years to overthrow what’s been going on for two thousand years! — the Illuminati.
  • AND, of course …. GESARA

They’ve recently said, “You’re watching a movie, but it’s coming to an end.”

We’re very close to “The Great Awakening,” when the confessions and tribunals happen. Hollywood, dubbed by many in the know as “Pedowood,” has been all but decimated. There’s so much more to come and so much you’re likely not going to believe at face value. I think it’s going to take a long time for everyone to cast off the lies we’ve been living under all our lives.

Enjoy the Awakening!


Know the Past. See the Future


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All the Same Market.

I’ve been mentioning for months now that the entire market is moving as one entity, the “all the same market” scenario, a phrase that Robert Prechter coined many years ago, when he projected the upcoming crash.

We’re in the midst of deleveraging the enormous debt around the world. Central banks are losing the control they had and we’re slowly sinking into deflation world-wide, with Europe in the lead.

The US dollar is fully in charge of both the equities and currencies markets. They’re all moving in tandem, as I’ve been saying since September of 2017. Over the past three years, their movements have been moving closer and closer together and one, and now they’re in lock-step, with the major turns happening at about the same time.

it’s challenging because often times currency pairs are waiting for equities to turn, and other times, it’s the opposite. The other frustrating thing is that in between the major turns, there are no major trades; they’re all, for the most part day-trades. That’s certainly the case in corrections, where you very often have several possible targets for the end of the correction.

We’re now close to a turn in the US indices, currency pairs, oil, and even gold. Elliott wave does not have a reliable timing aspect, but it looks like we should see a top very soon.


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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Above is the daily chart of ES (click to enlarge, as with any of my charts).

This week continued the rally from last week,  but it was wild — very obviously a blow-off wave due to the fact that we had virtually no corrections in it. They were there, but very tiny. It kept me waiting for a larger correction for anyone who had not entered at the very bottom; the very bottom for ES happened in the middle of the night, which was also a relatively rare occurrence.

Now we are almost at the final high. We may get a small correction this weekend, a long weekend (the markets are closed on July 4, Independence Day in the US). After that, I'm expecting a new high up around the 4365 measured target.

The final wave up in the SP500 from 4164 appears to be in five ways, although there's virtually no second or fourth wave, so nowhere to safely enter the rally. We're very near the top of this final wave up of the larger third wave and I expect a top this week.

Similarly, I expect a top in ES. ES appears to have traced out a triple zigzag to the upside. Again, the corrections along the way were tiny, leaving to place to safely enter the rally. The bottom of the turn to the upside, which I had called at the time, began the rally overnight, so no safe place to enter, either. It was the wildest blow-off way in my experience. Third wave tops can be like that, but this one is another entry for the stock market history books.

Market volume is extremely low and it affects the wave structure. Last week I noted that second waves seem to be a thing of the past, making it difficult to know exactly where you are. It continued into this week across the market, not only in futures.

The market continues to move as one, with currency pairs, oil, and, to some extent, gold and silver, seemingly setting up for a final rally.

So, during the coming week, after we reach rally targets, I'll be expecting weakness in both futures and cash. It will be a large fourth wave and required one more high eventually before we experience a much larger correction of over 2000 points.


Summary: We're in ending patterns in many market classes now. These are difficult to predict and tougher to trade. This week saw a rally in what appears to be a triple zigzag in ES and after a small correction, I expect one more wave up to complete the larger, ending diagonal pattern.

The wave structure up from March, 2020 is a corrective pattern, which appears to be a very large zigzag. This large forth wave down (after the coming high) is also expected to be a zigzag. I expect the third wave high in early July, most likely this week.

After a that high, expect a 4-500 point drop, at least. Following the weakness, we'll have a final 5th wave up to a slight new high before we experience a large drop of close to 2000 points, targeting an area under 2100 in SPX.

Once we've completed the larger fourth wave down, we'll have a long climb to a final slight new high in a fifth wave of this 500 year cycle top.

Know the Past. See the Future

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