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More BOOMs Ahead

After a couple of weeks on wondering what was goiing on with the large potential contracting triangles in DXY and EURUSD, we seem to have got the answer on Friday. Counts changed when ES moved above the 76% retrace as a small rally continued in what was obviously signalling a top was near all of a sudden.

It’s looks like we’ll have an interim top with a large fourth wave down to follow over the next couple of weeks perhaps.

The first signs of the Great Awakening should be the power shutdown, as we move to Tesla free electricity. There are also a lot of fireworks expecting in the taking down of 34 satanic buildings. Trains and planes need to shut down to restrict movement. We’re warned that BIG BOOMS are coming today, so we’ll have to wait to see what happens, as has been the case since the beginning of this year.

UPDATE: There are many graphics and other information out this weekend that are pointing to the Great Awakening very possibly beginning on Sunday.

A Short History of Where We Are (Adrenochrome)

(On the left is a result of spirit-cooking — gruesome, but real and you’re going to be hearing a lot more about it. There are well-known Hollywood celebrities in this picture).

We got here because of the love of this drug, adrenochrome, a natural hormone from the adrenal glands, preferably of children. You find ten articles online trying to debunk the use of this drug against one article that tells the truth. Rest assured, the use of it’s all true, something that’s covered off in the video, “Fall of the Cabal, or the Sequel.

This is how it started, & this is how it continues today. Cabal-controlled mainstream pseudoscience has been enforced upon the masses VERY early on, constricting what we’re allowed to be taught in schools, to keep humanity in the dark about Light / Energy / Soul / Spirit / Conciousness / Frequency / Vibration / Magnetism / Static Electricity / Electricity / Plasma’s role in the BIOLOGY of all living systems. Including planets…

All of the information that’s been kept from us for so long is going to be declassified by August, 2021. There is a torrent of information that’s come out in just the past week.

Senator Grassley, head of the Intelligence Committee received a copy of Hunter’s Biden’s laptop yesterday. John McAfee is alive and is in the process of releasing 31 terrabytes of information on the Deep State. Over the past couple of weeks, a very high level Chinese defector has named names and provided depth as to how all these people were in bed with the Chinese Communist Party.

There is going to be a “clean-up” over the next few weeks that is almost unimaginable!

Let’s skip back to the days when it became obvious the Deep State was a work. We’ll do a short re-cap.

Under George Bush, the worst terrorist attack on American soil was allowed to happen. This was about so many things. One of them was NESARA, as it was about to be announced. Than 9/11 happened, which began the War on Terror, which gave America the excuse to raid other countries for their wealth to extend the life of fiat money. Robbing other countries gave the evil forces more time to prepare for their Great Reset and again, for other nefarious things.

Obama aka “Renegade” (Traitor)
Bin Laden, a CIA operative (Tim Osman), was created. Operation Mockingbird gave the American people a face to hate, and an enemy to combat….. and we gobbled it up.

Special Ops found Bin Laden multiple times throughout the years, but was ordered to stand down. Bin Laden was to be saved as a trophy kill for Obama to get reelected. Iran knew this secret. Iran blackmailed Obama & Hillary. They wanted billions.

How do you hide that much money? In a nuclear deal. 150 billon+ dollars in CASH was flown to Iran, but not all planes landed where they were supposed to land. Some of that money, if not most of the cash was hush money which came back to many people via book deals, slush funds, some form of money laundering which inevitably filled these bastards pockets.

Benghazi will be saved for another day, but is a tragic & heartbreaking story.

Where are We Now?
Trump was asked to run for president, with certain assurances. Who asked him? One could speculate on every name, but IMO, General Michael Flynn, Michael S. Rogers, General Milley, JFK Jr. & possibly a few others. Trump ran for president and won.

Hammer & Scorecard was around way before 2016, so what happened to it and how was Trump allowed to win? On election night, white hats stopped Hammer & Scorecard from being used, essentially making it a fair election. He won BIG!

When Michael S. Rogers took over the NSA, it was Game OVER! The evil went unchecked; so every text message, every email, every digital footprint for all these evil SOB’s left around so foolishly could now be traced. Trump visited many nations after office and put every one of them into submission with this incriminating evidence. It’s a lot of info, but this video explains everything.

A 43 minute video that reviews a lot of the history of Trump getting involved. (This covers a lot of that was in the Fall of the Cabal, so it may be a bit redundant)

Trump was gliding towards a second reelection and than Covid-19 happened..

A Biological weapon was released by the CCP. It was actually 5G, which emits high levels of radiation, causing radiation sickness, which has similar symptoms to the flu. This was a repeat of the Rockefeller playbook in 1918 (after radio was introduced a year earlier). In that case, people got the flu, and a vaccine was introduced. The people who died did so because of two things: 1) the vaccine, which was designed to kill, and 2) the wearing of masks, which caused upper respiratory infection. You can research the history and the playbook (the plan), which is on the Rockefeller Foundation website.

With Operation Mockingbird Media’s help, the fear porn began. George Floyd was injected into the equation, causing massive riots & division. The Deep State wanted Trump to invoke the insurrection act to be able to label him a tyrant and planned to invite the United Nations to step in.

Trump never took the bait. Little did everyone know, George Bush gave Trump the ultimate gift because the United States technically was still in the War on Terror. Trump has had wartime powers ever since covid was declared a national emergency in ALL 50 states — the first time in history all 50 states were declared a National Emergency.

Wartime Powers do not require congressional approval for anything, including when our great military blasted the underground bunker in Maine, where 50+ thousand Chinese soldiers were living for years, waiting to invade us. Thank Obama for that one, as he allowed them to come through when he closed 5,000 square miles under the guise of a ‘National Monument.”

The US MILITARY. THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND is now in complete control. All 50 states, which have ever since been under a National Emergency, grants FEMA the power to run state governments. Right now, a veil has been placed over the nation while clandestine operations are being carried out world wide.

270+ thousand Sealed indictments, the largest RICO case EVER, the biggest sting operation EVER, will all be unleashed and the wrath of God will sweep this entire planet with his fury.

This weekend, it seems obvious that we’re about to enter the next phase, The Great Awakening. I expect the Emergency Broadcast System to start up this weekend. Be prepared. The information that’s going to come out will be absolutely shocking to most people who’ve slept through the greatest revolution in the history of mankind.

Here’s a quick update on the key things to come.

NESARA GESARA — Apparently, we need to have the new Starling internet in place before this is finally implemented, but I’m not expecting it’s imminent. First thing is debt will disappear. There will be no more taxes other than a flat sales tax, which will just be on new items and will not be on prescription drugs, or food. Educational materials may also fit under that category. More info on the CUBE here.

Tesla Free Energy — apparently the world’s electricity needs to be shut down for the switch to new Tesla Free Energy. I still don’t know how this energy will be delivered, but I suspect that initially, it will come through the current infrastructure. There are Tesla CUBES, which are fairly small and have been installed in several cities and towns. I single cube can apparently supply enough energy for an entire city (don’t quote me on this one!)

Common Law — We’re going back to common law, which is considered the Law of the Land. It’s a really simple set of rules. Don’t hurt or damage anyone or their property, or undertake fraud of any time. All governments, law offices, and courts will step down and be retrained over the ten days of darkness (EBS period).

Med Beds — Our new medical system (Med Beds) is supposed to start showing up at the end of July. Invitations will be given to the people who need it the most. Obviously kids that have been rescued from DUMBs are going to the top of the list.

Other Technologies — Besides Med Beds and free energy, there are apparently over 6,000 technologies that have been hidden from us. These will all be revealed this month.

The COVID aftermath — On July 4, the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 began with opening statements. This international court will be responsible for trying people for crimes against humanity. Many of those involved in the COVID will receive the death penalty.

There’s more, but this is a good start.

When the EBS video system starts up, I get a long-awaited break.

Enjoy the Awakening!


Know the Past. See the Future


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All the Same Market.

I’ve been mentioning for months now that the entire market is moving as one entity, the “all the same market” scenario, a phrase that Robert Prechter coined many years ago, when he projected the upcoming crash.

We’re in the midst of deleveraging the enormous debt around the world. Central banks are losing the control they had and we’re slowly sinking into deflation world-wide, with Europe in the lead.

The US dollar is fully in charge of both the equities and currencies markets. They’re all moving in tandem, as I’ve been saying since September of 2017. Over the past three years, their movements have been moving closer and closer together and one, and now they’re in lock-step, with the major turns happening at about the same time.

it’s challenging because often times currency pairs are waiting for equities to turn, and other times, it’s the opposite. The other frustrating thing is that in between the major turns, there are no major trades; they’re all, for the most part day-trades. That’s certainly the case in corrections, where you very often have several possible targets for the end of the correction.

We’re now close to a turn in the US indices, currency pairs, oil, and even gold. Elliott wave does not have a reliable timing aspect, but it looks like we should see a top very soon.


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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Above is the daily chart of ES (click to enlarge, as with any of my charts).

The past couple of weeks has been full of fake-outs. We have a potential large triangle in DXY that looks like it is now going to break to the upside and not complete properly. This changing short-term projections quite suddenly.

The last couple of weeks saw a final wave up in ES out of the ending diagonal that started overnight and went up with no significant corrections, making a low-risk entry impossible. On Friday, we suddenly changed course in a correction and now we're just about to complete the top of the third of the third wave.

Last week I noted that second waves seem to be a thing of the past, making it difficult to know exactly where you are. It continued into this week across the market, not only in futures. Third wave tops can be like this ... blow-off waves that look like they're never going to end, until they very suddenly do.

I expect a confirmation of this top early in the week.

This isn't the final top to the market, of course; I'm still expecting another high after this one to finish this third wave, but this top that's rapidly developing should give us a significant correction to the downside of 6-700 points.

This all comes on the heels of an ending diagonal in ES, but not in the SP500; I see a set of five waves up there.

Market volume is extremely low and it affects the wave structure. But it also tells me we're at a major top.


Summary: This week has almost completed the final rally to the top of the third of the third wave. It turns out the wave up out of the ending diagonal is a double zigzag. We are at a top, with only about a day's work to possibly confirm it.

The wave structure up from March, 2020 is a corrective pattern, which appears to be a very large zigzag. This large forth wave down (after the coming high) is also expected to be a zigzag. 

Once this high is in, expect a 6-700 point drop. Following the weakness, we'll have a final 5th wave up to a slight new high before we experience a large drop of close to 2000 points, targeting an area under 2100 in SPX.

Once we've completed the larger fourth wave down, we'll have a long climb to a final slight new high in a fifth wave of this 500 year cycle top.

Know the Past. See the Future

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