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The Great ReSet is Here!

It’s Here! The MAIN EVENT!

This past week, we seem to have had yet another four day delay in the fake war effort. We’re never told why. We are told this weekend that we’re at DEFCON 1, though, the highest level of response in a pending conflict. WWIII appears to be here!

Now, keep in mind that this wartime scenario is fake, a narrative conjured up to wake up more of the population who are completely asleep to what’s going on around them. The many people I deal with on a daily basis are VERY AWARE of what’s going on as the DEEP STATE continues to steal their hard earned money, and more devastatingly, attempts to steal their property. This part is VERY, VERY REAL!

In any event, we seemed to take time out for the fake Biden/Trump debate, which was obviously directed to the “normies” in an effort to finally wake them up.

The Schedule (speculative) …

    • 10 days of military July 1-9.
    • Within that is 3 days of darkness (July 7-9)
    • Then EBS should start 9 – 18. (18 is coming up over and over).
    • The tribunals and executions will follow, I believe because they’re supposed to start in July. The real date today is still a big issue.

That’s my take.

Within this schedule, SCOTUS (The Supreme Court of the United States) has an important decision tomorrow, July 1. It’s the final decision for this session and it sounds a lot like the 2020 election will be turned over!

Queen Diana’s birthday is Monday, July 1.

July  6 is January 6 mirrored. January 6 was the “Insurrection and the Capitol” day. I’d expect some major arrests that day.

July 8 may be the announcement of GESARA. There are 120 from July 8 to November 5.

I know from communication online in Telegram that now the Galactic Federation is extremely frustrated at how long this effort is taking to come to a head, now referring to a segment of the military they’re calling the “grey hats” (as opposed to “white hats”). This weekend, though, things are definitely heating up. There were a number of boats supposedly blown up in the Red Sea this weekend and lots of threats thrown around.

Airports and airlines are beginning to shut down and we have some real dates coming out of Kim Tesla (niece of Nikola Tesla). It appears we’re targeting three days of shutdown (“darkness”) on July 7 thru 9:

The RV/currency exchange program continues to move along, though, and we’re now told that everything is ready. The Iraq Dinar rate is finally supposed to be announced this weekend and there were reports of an expected celebration there this Sunday (will soon by coming to a close) but I haven’t heard anything more about this since Saturday. The Dinar rate is supposed to kick off the Global Currency Reset once and for all.

Here’s some news from the past 24 hours on flights, the war, and the situation in the area of WUHAN and the Three Gorges Dam.

(Above graphic) The Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for missile and drone attacks on two oil tankers and two ships in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the last 24 hours. The Iran-backed rebels claimed a joint operation with the Iraqi resistance that targeted the Waler oil tanker in the Mediterranean Sea with a number of drones. The Johannes Maersk ship was reportedly struck by a winged missile. Houthis said that ‘American’ oil tanker Delonix was ‘directly hit’ with ballistic missiles and the Ioannis ship was attacked with drone boats in the Red Sea. Watch.

Whiplash: Heaps of oil tankers in Red Sea just been hit. Get ready for a ship crash to close the Strait of Gibraltar as soon as Le Pen Wins if not asap. USS 589  Submarine,  Oil Embargo, All International shipping to halt. Remember they all switching to Starlink. Actionable is also China Taiwan.

WUHAN, June 29, 2024 (Xinhua) — This photo taken on June 29, 2024
shows a riverside reed marsh in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province.
China on Saturday issued a red alert for rainstorms, the most severe in its four-tier
weather warning system. It also warned about possible geological disasters occurring in some rain-hit regions. (Three Gorges Dam?)

Some areas in Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Guizhou provinces should
expect downpours, with some regions likely to experience heavy rain of up to 280 mm
within 24 hours until 2 p.m. Sunday, according to the National Meteorological Center
forecast. (Xinhua/Hu Jingwen)

BREAKING: Marine Le Pen’s Right Wing National Rally (RN) party has won the first round of parliamentary elections with 34% of votes.

EAS stands for Emergency Alert System. There are supposed to be seven message across all cell phones in the world leading up the the start of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) starting up, which will provide us with ten (10) days of video playback in a wide range of languages. We are being led to believe, even with the recent delays, that we’re about ready to go.

But, the last few days the narrative has been that we’re going to have ten days of shutdown under military control. The Emergency Broadcast is not mentioned, so maybe that’s bit later. That doesn’t really make sense to me, so it’s going to be day-by-day because they DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE ACTUAL DATE (because they don’t want to enemy to know).

We’re told we’re entering the final phase. But what that encompasses, and how it plays out, is not known at this time.

I’m going to keep this short tonight because there’s lots of news (you can get that from the situation report below), The intel seems to be that we’re going to see the end finally this coming week.


Where We Apparently Are

    1. The military team worked from 24th to 26th May on NESARA/GESARA. The team was working on the party and the release of funds.
    2. There was a soft announcement of GESARA.
    3. We know timeframes of events, not exact dates.
    4. The debts between nations have all been forgiven and wiped clean.
    5. GESARA has started between all governments worldwide.
    6. Foreign currency will not pay off debt, for currency will help you.
    7. Social Security will not exist.
    8. The money coming to everyone will come in structured payments up to $5000 for 60 and above. Possible time frame January 2025.
    9. Everything is done. The military is waiting on the world court for all legalities to be finalized properly between nations according to common law.
    10. The World Court are going over paperwork.
    11. Nothing more needs to be done.
    12. Disable seniors will get $7500
    13. There’s no rules to get $7500
    14. There’s 200 programs where everyone will get financial abundance according to GESARA.
    15. Everything stolen will be returned 1000 times over and more.
    16. This is the day of abundance that will blow your mind.
    17. The military worked all night long and wanted US all to receive the abundance.
    18. The military ARE IN CHARGE not President Trump or the White Hats.
    19. The military are playing 5D chess with President Trump.
    20. The military have to be strategic and meticulous in the execution of the final stages of the plan.
    21. Stop attacking each other. Stop attacking Intel providers.
    22. When you are angry and impatient you choose to stay in a negative energy field, you damage yourself.
    23. On the 25th the military was working on NESARA all night long.
    24. From the 24th to 26th NESARA the following was achieved: GESARA announced publicly under the US and it was made liquid. The money is flowing.
    25. 1st to 4th get rid of a mindset of lack. Start thinking abundance.
    26. No kicking the can. No delays.
    27. GESARA was announced to select media outlets through the Star Link Satellite System.
    28. GESARA was announced and this made it legal.
    29. The process is slow because of the legalities.
    30. 12th to 16th there is no can. We are waiting for the world court for the paperwork to be verified according to common law.
    31. Cabal lies to banks and bankers found out they were angry. Some bankers quit their jobs because we are so close to the end of this.
    32. 17th to 20th Michael/Michelle Obama IS NOT running for President. Arrested.
    33. Anything that is negative is a lie.
    34. This is happening now not 2025.
    35. January 1st Iraq becomes illegal as a legal tender in IRAQ.
    36. The banks are getting ready for the RV and GCR.
    37. So much IS happening and HAS happened.
    38. President Trump will be back overnight.
    39. Everything is imminent.
    40. Everything changes within 12 hours after the announcement worldwide. (Donald Trump).


Big Things Behind the Scenes!

    • Head of the Illuminati called “Pindar” was arrested.
    • Enlil was arrested.
    • Enlil’s son Ninurta was removed/resolved.
    • Nebu Empire was removed & defeated.
    • Ciakahrr Empire was removed & defeated.
    • Nacht Waffen [Dark Fleet] was defeated.
    • Maitre were removed.
    • 100% of the undergrounds of Earth were cleansed.
    • Our Solar System was freed 100% of foreign invaders.
    • Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate was dismantled.
    • US-Telos Alliance [Silver Fleet][Deep State] were defeated.

All this happened in 2021+2022.


The Debate: Colonel Douglas Macgregor

Colonel Douglas Macgregor is retired but with his current knowledge both inside and outside the military, he has been quite vocal on what has to happen. Here is his take on the Trump/Biden debate and what must happen going forward. (the debate was white hat controlled and pre-taped. It was all deep fake technology. None of the people involved in the debate were real.

🇺🇸 Colonel Douglas Macgregor Calls for Early Elections!



The Galactic Federation Wants Answers

The Galactic Federation is Getting Angry at how long this has all taken. Here’s message directly from them. Now things are really picking up! 



The Market and Pending Events (still in a holding pattern)

The market continues the move towards the final target.

📁 My Educated Guess on Key Events to Com (No dates; It’s imminent now):

We know the “Trump card” is coming, but we don’t actually know what that means. It will be something big that “ends the game.” Last week was the start of the RV, as advertised but the roll-out is slower than expected. 

    1. Shutdowns are continuing and blackouts are happening in multiple locations around the globe.
    2. Bay of Pigs Event (for 3 days). It’s supposed to mark the nuclear standoff. We have Russian submarines stationed off the coast of Cuba this weekend, and last week.
    3. WWIII nuclear stand-off (in the works STILL his week)
    4. Military to the Rescue/Biden gone? – (market top?)
    5. 34 buildings, dams, etc. bombed, blackout? – supposed to happen on a Tuesday
    6. Restitution payments to and Redemption Centers (Humanitarian funds)
    7. Emergency Broadcast System fires up? (10 days of playback)

It’s clear we’re at the turning point.

Most of these events have, in reality, taken place long ago, but it’s the announcement for the public that we’re waiting for. The military never announces anything publicly until after is fact and declassified:

    • the death of Charles III and the end of the Crown (publicly)
    • a major bank collapse (public announcement). European and US banks, primarily
    • the US government (USA CORP went bankrupt on June 6, D-Day)
    • the removal of Joe Biden (although I think this has to happen after the war is complete, which looks like it has a nuclear stand-off still to happen, like the original Bay of Pigs scenario of 1961)
    • NESARA GESARA (or the end of debt, which is much the same thing) announced publicly
    • the return of Donald Trump (publicly) as President and overturning of the 2020 federal election

It’s an extraordinary time, and it’s become obvious in the past months that the military is in control of everything, as well as the market. They are seemingly coordinating everything to reach a climax at the same time (more or less) by controlling the timing on the dollar.


The Banking Index (BKX)

Above is the weekly chart of BKX, the banking index. On Saturday, June 15, we’re told all banks that do not comply with Basel III must close. Based upon the chart above, it looks to me that we’ve topped the banking index.

The count in the chart reflects the supposition that we’re in a first wave down with a target of 91.40. I’ve provided the the wave count so far and it fits exactly the requirement for a first wave down with a extended 5th wave. However, if the current correction to the upside (an ABC wave rises above 116, then the wave count is incorrect.

The challenge with playing this is that once it reaches the downside target, expect it to rally again in a corrective wave to the 62% retrace level, which, based on this prognosis is at the 101.67 level. From there, it will turn down into a large third wave. The short entry is at that same 101.67 level.

Once it reaches the 91.40 level and exceeds it, it will keep dropping. Since all major banks are closing, it has a long way down to go!


The Emergency Broadcast System Incoming!

(There were warnings this morning of expected flooding in a couple of states just this morning).
Military in training for Implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System

  • This will ensure everyone is safely placed in their home and able to witness the historical moment that reveals all of the truths, cover ups etc. through the E B S which is imminent.
  • There must be a test and then a review of all occurrences and activities. The possible implications on a National and Global level can be quite complicated so things must be in alignment to the protocols. Yes there are many consequences if things aren’t done with precision and perfection. This is the practice run before the real one folks to see responses and accuracy to what is forthcoming which changes humanity.
  • We hear the schedule is now finally firm, but again I’m just the messenger. Be ready to adjust if needed in regards to possible time changes. Only a select few know the moment of exact and precise timing of events. For security and other obvious reasons it must be properly kept private.
  • The E B S is going to air playing an 8 hour video. It will be replaying 3 times a day for 10 days Communication Darkness. During those 10 Days of Communication Darkness the following things will happen.
  • We will receive 7 “Trumpets “ aka E B S text messages on our phones alerting us to tune into our TV at this time.
  • Our phones will only work for 911 and we are informed the Signal App, which is military encrypted will be available.
  • Our internet will not work during that time. Our ATM’s will not work. After the 10 days of Communication Darkness, we will connect to a new quantum internet.
  • People are urged to stock up on at least three weeks of food and water. Be prepared with food, water, toilet paper, generators etc. for this great awakening reveal.
  • We are promised the new Star-link Internet System by the end of the month.
  • As we speak the teams coordinating this important historic event are revamping the E.B.S to ensure the utmost security for all involved so remain patient as things get finalized. They want to make certain there are not any interferences of any sort at all. Those making the plan want no one to panic whatsoever because it’s simply the release of the truth.
  • After the E B S and we’ve gone through the 10 days mainstream media blackout and sat through all the 24/7, (eight hours long movies), do we go back to normal like business as usual? Answer is: After E B S and the 8 hours long 24 7, movies all will change. The, life support, attached to the old and evil systems will be pulled. Humanity, and planet Earth simultaneously move to quantum reality consciousness system (Peace and Prosperity). End of Financial and Human consciousness enslavement. Old systems of Government, Education , Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., will all be dismantled and replaced.
  • We will have new currency called the USN US NOTE and gold backed.
  • The time is now to alert as many who will listen. Do not have too much pride. Go warn those you love even though they think you’re crazy. Your goal for others is truly to help absorb the shock of what is coming.


Justice Thomas the Hero?

The final decisions from the current SCOTUS session are about to drop on Monday, July 1, 2024. Election turnover?

All three branches of the US “government” (in fact, a US foreign corporation that is now defunct) have been proven to have been compromised (legislative, justice, and executive), so it’s time, finally, for the military to step in a visibly take control. I expect to see this happen extremely soon. I don’t know whether the Supreme Court will play a role, or not, because they are not a legitimate body. There will be another high court, most likely in Pennsylvania, that is soon to be revealed.


OPERATION: SANDMAN (Still “a thing!”)

(with DXY heading up in a final fifth wave of a flat, I would expect the Sandman Operation to start next week, after a top is in place. The Sandman Operation should send DXY down and SPX up, due to the fact that dollars coming back to the US would be deeming inflationary. DXY moving lower would be inflationary.)

“Project Sandman” describes a 100+ nation agreement that, when triggered, will see those nations simultaneously dump the dollar and abandon the “petrodollar.” When this “event” is triggered, the dollar and all dollar-denominated assets will plunge. (this is what we’ve been told)

What will happen (this is a planned event by the US military) is that one hundred, or so, countries, will sell their US dollars back to the US and will cease holding dollars. This would be perceived as inflationary to the US, as these dollars would move back into the US treasury, and drive down the dollar, which is what we want to have happen.

The other potential driver of the dollar is the release of huge amounts of humanitarian funds (and restitution funds — think seniors) which are believed to be in fiat dollars initially, with a release we keep hearing is imminent (in fact, long overdue).

Nearly 60% of international reserves are held in dollar-denominated assets, and it’s by far the most-used currency for trade. The dollar is involved in about 88% of all international trade transactions.

When Israel is defeated in this current war, the main stream media, which it owns, will also come down. At that point, we should be ready to roll into the Emergency Broadcast System playback around the world over a ten day period.

So, the “cavalry” seems to be waiting on the edge of town!


Situation SPECIAL Report for Sunday, June 30 — PDF DOWNLOAD: Restored-Republic-via-a-GCR-6-30-2024

CAVEAT: The Situation Report scrapes information from a variety of channels in the Telegram app, without any attempt to determine reliability of that information. But, there’s also a an amount of military intel. I find it more useful than not. They try, but there’s so much misinformation these days. Use your own discernment as to what is accurate, or believable.


We’re in the STORM — the STORM Brings Justice

This warning graphic below will remain up as a reminder of the impending change in fortunes that is not very far off in the distance and will definitely affect the market.

TUESDAY? The 34 Satanic Sites

Here’s an updated list on the 34 satanic sites that are going to be destroyed. The ones followed by xxxx are ones already taken out. Others may have a note after them.

Which Tuesday? It’s always been slated for a Tuesday. We just don’t know which one, but I now think this is imminent. However, WWIII has been imminent for weeks, so we’ll see. 

NEW! On X (BREAKING): 3 Gorges Dam is back in the news as China & Taiwan heats up There’s been massive covert operations going on for years in China & Taiwan clearing out western [DS] agents & the CCP. What is being scripted & played out now is for the public movie. Undersea cables being cut. Silk Road military ops. Wuhan & other bio-weapon laboratories. DUMBs have been taken out. Many ‘10 km deep earthquakes’ especially recently in Taiwan. The 3 Gorges Dam will not be taken out in the way where millions of Chinese will be in danger. ‘Strategic Military Operations’ have cleared out CCP x CIA’s underground facilities under the 3GD with one of its main purposes of ‘mining bitcoin’. The public movie may show kinetic events where 3GD will get damaged & will appear as if China & Taiwan are at war with one another. However, much like how White Hats in Israel, Palestine & Iran are clearing Khazarians in the same areas under the guise of Israel vs Palestinians & other Arab nations. The White Hats in China & Taiwan are working together to exterminate DS CCP agents & operations under the guise of China vs Taiwan in public view.

xxx means gone/taken down


  1. Ark of Bal xxx
  2. Augusta Germany Castle
  3. Biltmore Hotel, Coral Cables,Miami
  4. Buckingham Palace
  5. Cern in Switzerland
  6. Bhoemian Grove xxx
  7. Comet Pizza in Hollywood xxx
  8. Denver International Airport
  9. Epstein Island Dome
  10. Georgia Guidestones xxxx
  11. Hoover Dam
  12. La Louvre in France
  13. London Bank 1 xxx
  14. London Bank 2 xxx
  15. London Bridge London
  16. London Bridge Lake Havasu City, AR
  17. Northern Castle (Biltmore)
  18. Notre Dame Cathedral in France xxx
  19. Opera House in Sidney Australia
  20. Pentagon
  21. Playboy Mansion xxx
  22. Statue of Liberty – son
  23. Stonehenge – about to go
  24. Tesla Building (will be a free energy tower)
  25. The Getty Museum xxx
  26. The Queens Hunting Lounge xxx
  27. The Vatican
  28. Three Gorges Dam
  29. US Capital
  30. Victoria Secret’s Home xxx
  31. Washington Monument – soon cracked
  32. White House 1 (Germany)
  33. White House 2 (D.C.)
  34. Windsor Tower – soon


The Banking Index (BKX)

Above is the 2 hour chart of BKX, the banking index. On Saturday, June 15, we’re told all banks that do not comply with Basel III must close. Based upon the chart above, with is
zoomed in from the daily chart I usually monitor, we’re in a first wave down with a target of 91.40. I’ve provided the the wave count so far and it fits exactly the requirement for a first wave down with a extended 5th wave.

The challenge with playing this is that once it reaches the downside target, expect it to rally again in a corrective wave to the 62% retrace level, which, based on this prognosis is at the 101.67 level shown on the chart. From there, it will turn down into a large third wave. The short entry is at the 101.67 level.

Once it reaches the 91.40 level and exceeds it, it will keep dropping. Since all major banks are closing, it has a long way down to go!

Enjoy the Awakening!

Know the Past. See the Future


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US Market Snapshot (based on end-of-week wave structure)

This chart is posted to provide a prediction of future market direction. DO NOT trade based upon the information presented here (certainly NOT from a daily chart).

Here's the latest daily chart of the SP500

Above is the daily chart of the SP500 (click to enlarge).

My count right down to the five minute chart is virtually complete for the SP500, except for the final fifth sub-wave, which requires a new high. This weekend, we're still completing a smallish, final fourth wave, which began Friday, but was preceded by sideways action for the entire previous week.

The final numerical target for the top is elusive until the current fourth wave bottoms, but could be as high as slightly above 5500 for the SP500. we are very slowly putting in a top, which is supported across the rest of the market.

As I said, still to go is the final fifth wave of a final C wave of a triple zigzag to the upside. There are no more waves to go. Three zigzags is all you get in a triple zigzag, and once complete, it must change the trend and fully retrace. It appears that we're in the fourth subwave of the final fifth wave. I expect more weakness this weekend, but due to the wave structure, it's difficult to say how far. The depth of this correction will impact the level of our final target.

The NYSE, which last weekend appeared to be topping, turned around the following Monday (of last week) and still needs to test the highs one more time. 

The programmed "war," which we hear had another short delay, is showing signs of progress again this weekend (as I write this). There is generally no correlation between war and the top of a market, but the powers that be seem to me to be focused on conjuring one up this time around. This is a manipulated market in terms of time.

We are now into the MAIN EVENT (WWIII) according to the intel from a variety of sources. The war is fake, so this makes it difficult to tell where we are because there's nothing to physical to support the narrative. If you watched the Trump/Biden debate on Thursday, be assured that it was also fake, taped and editing some time earlier. It was all fake CGI (computer animation).

In terms of a final top for this market as a whole my focus is on DXY, because it has to start moving down to its E leg target of the large, contracting triangle it's been tracing out since August of last year.

Thursday, July 4 is a market holiday and the Wednesday, the markets close at 1pm ET. Friday morning, we have a labor report out an hour before the market opens.

The bigger picture: The SP500 (and futures) are in the final stages of topping. We're still waiting for the final high at around the 5600 level. Once we reach our target (and other asset classes reach theirs), we can expect a turn down, which will become a crash, dropping below the 2000 level in the SP500. I think the downside number is closer to 1800.

The Sandman Operation is still "a thing", as I now consider it deflationary because the vast amounts of fiat currency that will flow back to the United States will not go back into the economy, therefore going out of circulation, which is deflationary. I continue to watch for signs the internet is shutting down, which could happen at any time. We're getting close!


GESARA is law internationally and has apparently been announced to the media, which makes it law. When NESARA GESARA is announced publicly worldwide, It will shut down governments, courts, and police worldwide, trigger a golden jubilee and bring in natural law throughout. It's a major milestone.

We're told that the shutdown coming will include the internet, so this would put a halt to trading, and would likely mean we'd just pick up again from where we left off after the Great Awakening video playback is over.

Based upon recent intel, the Emergency Broadcast System seems imminent.


Know the Past. See the Future

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