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ADRENOCHROME (ADC) is an ERC20 token specifically designed to facilitate the high-velocity, cryptographically secure international trading of the chemical compound Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3).

The Adrenochrome (C9H9NO3) compound is synthesised by the oxidation of adrenaline, sourced from the blood of human children. ADRENOCHROME is the purest product on the market, harvested under strictly regulated conditions from our international supply chain of child donors.

In the past ADRENOCHROME could be purchased using a number of different cryptocurrencies, from a selection of suppliers on the Dark Web. This made it difficult to regulate the price of our product effectively. It also meant that profits were absorbed by a third party, instead of being reinvested in the harvesting and production of ADRENOCHROME. With the advent of the ADRENOCHROME blockchain and ADC cryptocurrency, all this has changed.

In the future ADRENOCHROME will be available exclusively from In order to purchase ADRENOCHROME customers will need ADC coin, which can be purchased at a fixed price during our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from or subsequently traded on select cryptocurrency exchanges.

ADRENOCHROME (ADC) is a next generation, decentralised, anonymous, blockchain cryptocurrency, which utilises smart contract technology. In creating the ADRENOCHROME blockchain and ADC coin we have effectively closed the loop on resellers and assumed total control of our product during every stage of its journey:

Sourcing > Trafficking > Harvesting > Production > Purchase > Distribution > Consumption > Revitalisation

Each transaction on the ADRENOCHROME blockchain incurs a small transaction fee (“bloodletting”), which is auto-reinvested in our operations concerning the global sourcing, production and distribution of ADRENOCHROME. As transaction volume increases, the cumulative effect of bloodletting will allow us to extend our international network, which is why now is the perfect time to join our ICO, purchase ADC and invest in the future growth of ADRENOCHROME.

The total supply of ADC coin is limited to 5687, the ChemSpider number for Adrenochrome. No more can ever be created. Demand for ADRENOCHROME is rising and projected to rise further, as the only means to purchase ADRENOCHROME, the value of ADC is set to rise alongside it.

ADRENOCHROME can be purchased exclusively at Customers must use ADC to complete the transaction. For further information about our ADC ICO please visit