Elliottwave Master Class Signup

ElliottWaveMasterCourseThe upcoming Elliottwave Master Course will be a comprehensive program to help you understand all the most important elements of the Elliott Wave Principle, but more importantly, it will focus on the practical application of the theory.

Once you sign up for this program, you can take it at your own speed. You’ll have access to all the video elements and EW Library for one full year. Further access will be available for a small fee.

Here is an initial breakdown of the elements of the program.

Elliottwave Introduction

  • Three Core Elements of EW
  • Path to Mastery
  • Importance of Fibonacci
  • Cycles and EW
  • Trend vs. Countertrend
  • How Markets Move
  • Fractals and Degree of Trend

The Basics

  • Trends
  • Motive Waves
  • Corrective Waves
  • Labelling
  • Rules vs. Guidelines
  • Timing
  • Volume and Wave Personality

Motive Waves

  • Waves 1-5 – Overview
  • Counting Correctly vs. Incorrectly
  • Extensions
  • Alternation
  • Truncation
  • Channeling
  • The “Right” Look
  • The Preferred Entry Point

Corrective Waves

  • Waves in Three – Overview
  • ZigZags
  • Flats
  • Triangles
  • Combinations
  • Double and Triple Threes
  • Importance of the Previous 4th

Advanced Elliottwave

  • Ending Waves
  • First Waves and Predicability
  • Measuring and Predicting C waves
  • Wave Analysis – what to look for
  • Trendlines
  • Multiple Markets
  • Best Practices
  • Tricks and Tips in Measuring and Predicting
  • And more …