Predictions for the Depression

The Greater Depression Scenario

Finance and Markets

Stock prices will drop more than 90 percent

Real estate values will drop at least 80 percent

States, provinces, cities, and countries will default on bonds in record amounts

Many pension funds will fall in value and be unable to deliver on promises

The Federal Reserve in the US will be abolished

Currencies will be reformed or retired

The rich will be vilified.

Financial news networks will go off the air

Commodities will decline in value substantially

The IMF and World Bank will become unfunded

Deflation will run rampant, at least at the beginning

Investments of any kind are not safe.

Interest rates will move up.

Taxes will rise.

The Economy

We’ll fall into a deeper depression than the 1930s

Unemployment will peak worldwide at 25-50%

Governments will restrict trade

Many insurance companies will fail

Family members will move in with each other

Food and water will become expensive and scarce

Homelessness will increase.


The President’s and Prime Minister’s popularity will reach all time lows

US voters in 2016 will be really angry.

Elections will be tumultuous

Terrorist will attack and cause more damage than 9/11

Some US states will split into smaller ones

The United Nations will be suspended

Socialism will become more prevalent

International travel will be restricted

Marijuana will be decriminalized in the US and Canada

Cyber attacks will increase and become stronger

People will blame government for the downturn

Social Trends

Suspicion and hatred of foreigners will grow

Public demonstrations will become violent

Governments and citizens will clash violently

The birthrate will continue to decrease

Epidemics will increase in number and severity

Films will break new ground in horror

Major sports will need to restructure

The suicide rate will go up

College attendance will fall off

Luxury will go out of fashion

The Olympic Games will be cancelled at least once

One or more of the sciences will go through a paradigm shift

Terrible activities will take place.