Summary of Knowledge

  • Today we completed the first wave down in the US markets, currencies, etc. All are in sync for the first time in decades
  • Virtually everything on earth repeats in cycles (Edward R. Dewey – used to work for Hoover in the 30s)
  • We are the top of the fifth Elliott wave (Eilliott – 1930s/40s) and we return to the previous 4th (always). That’s 1974 and the DOW was at about $500.00
  • Elliott waves reverse direction after five waves (these waves are fractal – see my comment on climate)
  • Society revolves in cycles of 85-100 years (The Fourth Turning – did you ever read?)
  • Climate cycles in 100, 500, and 1000 year waves (Dr. Raymond R. Wheeler).
  • Climate follows four seasons on a super cycle scale and they’re fractal – we experience the same seasons annually, and every one hundred, 500 hundred, etc.
  • Climate is influenced by the cosmos and it’s fractal, as planets and the solar system are constantly moving.
  • The end of a 500 year climate cycles usually denotes the end of a society (Rome, Mayans, and now US).
  • The nation in power at the end of the 500 year cycles loses power and power then travels from east to west and back again at the next cycle (next: China?)
  • We’re headed into a colder period (the warmest recent temperatures were in 2007 – Mann/Harris Climatology)
  • All cycles are divisible by 3 (6.36, 19, 57, 172, etc) to the next higher cycle (Puetz). eg – it’s just over 6.4 years since the top of the market in October, 2007. It’s exactly 85 years since the top of the market in 1929.
  • Sun spots are a critical element in how humans feel (lots of data on this)
  • We are going into a dry cold period for 10-15 years and then dry hot after that (projected for about 2034). Then colder still.
  • Dry hot (and so some extent dry cold) climates always result in a depression – they always have (Wheeler)
  • Fiat money systems never work – they never have in history
  • The world is bankrupt (debt clock). We have more debt than ever before in history
  • Humans are affected by both weather and electromagnetic forces from the cosmos (lots of studies and data to back this up)
  • We usually have a major epidemic during a depression, which kills many around the world.

As an aside, it’s interesting to me that Uranus is in the exact same position it was at the top of the market in 1929. It revolves around the sun every 85 years.


Dr. Raymond Wheeler tracked weather back 20 centuries with a team of 200 people. I have all the data – it’s quite extraordinary.


So, Elliottwaves (the market) track climate, which tracks societal turnovers, etc. They all work in tandem.


I could go on about government and the economy, but those are results of the above.