Webinars – Free

Here’s a list of upcoming webinars;

Thursday Chart Show:

chart-showThis is a one hour webinar with a market review and analysis based on the Elliott Wave Principle. There’ll also be a session of questions and answers. This week we’ll talk specifically about the upcoming turn and what to expect from both currency pairs and the US indices. I’ll also look at oil, gold, and silver (and DAX).

You’ll receive a video playback of the webinar within about an hour of the conclusion.

Charts I’ll cover:
  • ES (emini futures)
  • SP500
  • DOW
  • Nasdaq Composite
  • Gold and Silver
  • US Oil
  • DAX

I’ll also take requests if time allows.

As a subscriber to any of the Chart Show sessions, you’ll be sent a link to the recorded version of the program about one hour after the end of the show. You’ll have access to the program playback for a month after the live date.

Yes, I’d like to attend the upcoming Chart Show (live) on October 13 at 2 pm EST.

Current Date:  Thursday, October 13, 2:00 pm EST

Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll be sent to the webinar registration page.

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Navigating the Crash – Date and Time: Sunday, October 16, 11 am EST

Sign up Here:  Sunday, October 16, 11 am EST

A free one hour webinar in which I’ll share my vision of what to expect from the upcoming market crash, including:

  • The likely wave pattern (based on 1929)
  • Various vehicles you can use to profit from the crash
  • Deflation and how that will affect us
  • Preparation in terms of energy, food, water, currency
  • A look ahead at the most probable scenario

This webinar will be recorded and provided for playback in the forum with no restrictions.


Introduction to Elliott Wave – Date and Time: TBA

A free one hour webinar that takes you through the basics of the Elliott Wave Principle. You’ll learn:

  • the difference between motive and corrective waves
  • how fibonacci levels affect the movement of the market
  • how to project the end of a three wave sequence
  • the trade entry point with the least risk

Included is a brief look at the US indices and the short-term projection based upon the above principles.