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Cycles of History, Part 1

Cycles of History Part 1 - revised

For the past twelve years, I’ve been predicting this dramatic downturn in both the stock market and the economy. In fact, There’s a secret to predicting the future: It’s knowing the past; it really does repeat!

We’re at a historic 1,000 year cycle top. It’s the same cycle that marked the top of the Roman Empire. It marked to end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603. This video will give you an introduction into the cycles of history. It’s important to know about cycles, because they affect your life in profound ways. It’s especially important now … as there’s a revolution coming in the near future.

You want to be prepared for that event!

The video that will change your perspective on the future!

For many, these are uncertain times. If you’re concerned about maintaining your wealth, providing for your family, and protecting their safety, this is the most important information on the future that you’ll find anywhere. (NOTE: the full webinar is about 90 minutes in length)

History repeats in cycles. It doesn’t EXACTLY repeat; often we say “It rhymes.” But the cycles are consistent enough that you can predict changes in social mood, the economy, money, health, politics, and climate, among other things.

The problem is that these major downturn cycles don’t happen twice in a lifetime. The important ones span over a hundred years. History shows that there’s a major depression in every hundred year period. That happens to be the cycle we’re heading into — the depression cycle. This particular cycle is a large one, one that happens every 500 years (roughly).

If you understand how these cycles play out and why, you can adjust your business strategies and personal life to accommodate. In this video, I share with you the basics of cycles, what’s really going on in the world, and how to make sure you thrive in the coming downturn (that’s right … it’s not over — in fact, this downward cycle is just beginning).

If you know the rules, you can win at the cycles game! I’m going to show you what you can do to prepare for this cycle, one that’s played out over and over again throughout human history.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”George Santayana

This video is a start; it gives you an introduction to major cycles and tells you why they’re important. We’re going into a major depression next year, climate is going to get colder and dryer, the stock market is going to crash, and many countries will experience a civil war.

To prepare you for the coming downturn, I’ve dedicated an entire website to helping you understand how to stay healthy (without a robust medical system), how to preserve your wealth, how to prepare for the depression, and what’s really going on in the world.

The COVID-19 virus is just a smoke-screen. What’s really going on has to do with the worldwide debt problem and central bankers, who’ve got their claws into major government organizations around the world. They’re attempting to make you more compliant with masks, they’ve already forced you into pat-downs to board a plane.

Governments lie. They always have, they always will. They also steal your money. I tell you the truth about what’s going on, the banking system, which is a ponzi scheme, and how to deal with deflation, which is coming soon. In a nutshell, deflation means that your home will be worth 20% of its current value over the next 7 years.

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I’ll cover:

  1. What’s going on? —A broad look at what’s really going on in the world and an introduction to natural cycles.
  2. What governments aren’t telling you — Seldom do governments tell the truth about anything. The truth is, they’re all bankrupt. I’ll cover what that means to your future.
  3. The truth about money and banks — money is changing value and banks are mortgage-holders, basically. When mortgages fail, banks go under. You need to know the rules about banks and your money.
  4. Investing in the “new economy” — investing has changed dramatically. I’ll show you where the stock market is going.
  5. Real estate —  where prices are heading and what to do about it.
  6. What to expect going forward — a look ahead for the next ten years, based on history.
  7. How to prepare — I’ll explain what you can do to take advantage of the coming downturn. I’ll give you tips on safest places to live, how to protect your wealth and health, how to ensure you have enough of the right supplies (like water and food!), where climate is going, and paint a picture of what to expect going forward. You just don’t want to miss Thrive Academy!

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It’s time to learn about the future and what’s in store. If you know what’s coming, you’ll know how to prepare. Squirrels know! They’re always prepared for “winter.”


Know the Past. See the Future.

Peter Temple is the founder of World Cycles Institute. He has extensive experience in developing strategies to align with natural and man-made business cycles and the economy. He has facilitated growth for investors and businesses, has developed multiple teams, and consulted on high profile IPOs for Westjet Airlines, Pengrowth Management, Big Rock Breweries, Enerplus, ARC Financial and many more.

He’s the past executive director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, founded by Edward Dewey in 1841. Peter is also a speaker, market analyst, cycle expert and book writer. A member of Mensa International.

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  • Conor Keane October 10, 2020, 8:42 am

    Absolutely brilliant work Peter. I will be going back to this again and again.

    • Peter Temple October 10, 2020, 10:46 am

      Thanks, Conor. Appreciate the kind words.

  • Heidi Bintz October 10, 2020, 10:37 am

    I find this so interesting but so many people have blinders on about what is going on.

    • Peter Temple October 10, 2020, 10:54 am

      Well, Heidi,
      It’s frustrating, but there are reasons for it. They’ve been “programmed” with decades of propaganda, and testosterone levels are at their lowest in over a hundred years. That hormone is responsible for critical thinking, and without its influence, cortisol become dominant, which results in fear and anxiety. Historically, the herd starts to wake up as it gets colder and dryer and the stock market collapses. It will end in revolution.

      It’s interesting to me that central bankers are attempting to “sell” a solution to a problem they themselves created, in order to achieve world dominance. They will ultimately fail, but it isn’t going to a fun ride. The world as we knew it will not return in your lifetime, unfortunately. Best to understand the enemy, I think. It’s important to keep getting the word out.

  • Joe Longwill October 11, 2020, 11:54 pm

    Thanks for your hard work Peter !
    Excellent video

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