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Cycles: The Great Power Shift Cycle

Climate & Cycles of Civilization a Peak of the Power Shift Cycle Begins

This is an interview I did with Dave Dubyne from ADAPT2030 during the summer of 2018.Dave runs a youtube site that is considered one of THE sites to frequent to stay on top of what’s going on with climate now and into the future.


Peter Temple of World Cycles Institute discusses the civilization cycle and how it affects the economy, society, and climate. The following topics are covered during the interview:

  • 172 Year Financial Collapse Cycle
  • 516 year cycle 3 x 172 a grand society power shift cycle
  • 1548 year Civilization Cycle
  • Bob Prector: Cycles in the Stock Market
  • Raymond Wheeler: Drought, climate and cycles of civilization
  • Peaks of climatic cycles and peaks of social cycles
  • Steve Puetz and his work on cycles
  • Real Estate Cycle
  • Global Weather Calamities effecting food production globally
  • Cryptocurrency in Elliot Waves
  • Fractional Reserves and Bank Runs
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