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How the Universe Influences Our Lives

Cycles - How the Universe Influences Our Lives

It’s important to keep our position in the Universe in perspective.

There are forces that control our destiny that are very much larger than anything we can do here on Earth. This idea that we can control the weather on this planet to any great degree is a crazy idea … at best.

Figures show that man has had an effect on climate of about 3%. The other 97% is the Cosmos and, in particular, the Sun.

Friends of Science is a site dedicated to providing up-to-date data on climate. They post articles on what’s really going on with climate change. You’ll find Friends of Science here.

You’ll find information on the life work of Dr. Raymond H. Wheeler here. Much of the data from the life work of Dr. Wheeler can be found on the Harris-Mann Climatology site here. You’ll find weather patterns (cycles) going right back to 600 B.C.

NOTE: I’ll be featuring excerpts from an exclusive interview with climatologist Cliff Harris here over the coming weeks. Stay-tuned.

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