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What the English Empire Cycle Predicts For Today

We’re currently at a one thousand year climate cycle high. The well-being of a civilization depends upon a positive climate that provides an abundance of food. Throughout history, when the climate turns colder and dryer, the empire of the day starts to decline in importance.

This English Empire (in the last 1500s) was at the top of a smaller 172 year cycle. The traits of cycle tops are the same; however, the magnitude of the changes at the current cycle top (172 X 6) is several magnitudes greater. You can predict the future to a great degree, based upon the past. That’s the importance of understanding cycles.

We're Reliving the Past in Cycles: History Repeats


Social mood follows climate temperature and has throughout the ages, as various degrees of climate cycles play out. I believe it’s actually electromagnetic waves that influence mood and it’s most obvious in the stock market. There are many who will play the market based upon the movement of the planets, which is where our climate comes from, and is also the main culprit in our biorhythms (and much, much more).

This video focuses in on a 172 year cycle top in England through the 16th and 17th centuries to give you an idea of what to expect as this much larger cycle top today (the 1030 year cycle) moves us from warm-dry climate to cold-dry climate.

Here’s a summary from the video of the patterns chronologically (some elements do not always follow the same order, but usually, they’re all there to some degree) that take us from tyranny and corruption through to more democracy and freedom.

  1. High government debt (and high inflation)
  2. Palace intrigue, treason, tyranny, socialistic tendencies, at the very least
  3. Gradual loss of freedom of speech
  4. Turns colder and dryer (there is usually a four year (roughly) period of extreme weather accompanied by major flooding, which destroys farmland, and results in famine
  5. Poor to incompetent leaders
  6. Civil war and revolution
  7. Financial depression (stock market crash) and deflation
  8. Move to more democracy (Bill of rights, etc.)
  9. New financial system

As I mentioned, they tend to unfold more or less in the above order, but the order can change, with lots of overlapping.

Tops of Warm-Dry Cycles As They Turn Colder and Dryer

The very tops of 1000 year cycles are dry and hot. They gradually turn down into a winter cycle (cold and dry), a cycle that should last several hundred years. You can go back in history to similar cycle tops and analyze the economic and social pattern that unfolded then, using it as a guide for a similar cycle top hundreds of years later. History repeats and it does so with what we call periodicity.

In England in the 1500s, there were several forces opposing each other. The rulers of the day tended to move back and forth in their support for the different forces (for example, Roman Catholicism vs. Protestantism).

Henry VIII  (1508-1547): his reign was in a dry-cool period and it was quite tumultuous. He broke with the Catholic Church (and the Pope) due to wanting a marriage annulled. Thomas Cromwell was instrumental in setting up the Church of England and making Henry the head of the church.

Edward VI (1547-1553): only reigned in his teens, but followed his father’s (Henry) footsteps — was a Protestant.

Lady Jane Grey (9 days in 1553): never actually gained power. Mary eventually had her executed.

Mary I (1553-1558): was a Catholic and attempted to reverse much of Edward’s progress with the church, but was opposed by parliament. Burned almost 300 heretics at the stake.

Elizabeth I (1558-1603): Last of House of Tudor. She was Protestant but was tolerant of Roman Catholics. She reversed the changes in religion made by her half-sister, Mary. Brought some stability to government. Ending up executing Mary, Queen of Scots, who a threat to the throne (would have been next in line), and this made James, Mary’s son the next in line.

James I (1603-1625): First of House of Stuart. He authored the King James version of the Bible, translating it from Latin to English. This helped strengthen the Church of England.

Charles I (1625-1649): Son of James I. He fought with parliament as a tyrannical absolute monarch. He married a Roman Catholic and started the English Civil War against parliament. When he lost to Oliver Cromwell, he was executed. The monarchy was abolished and a constitutional republic established (democracy).

Oliver Cromwell (1653-1658): Became Lord Protector, a virtual dictator. He was a Puritan, but tolerant towards Protestants. A very controversial figure. After he died, a coup brought Charles II to power.

Charles II (1660-1685): Son of Charles I.  Known as Merry Monarch, had 12 kids out of wedlock. He favoured religious tolerance. He dissolved the English parliament and ruled alone until his death.

James II (1685-1688): He was Catholic, and is known for struggles over religious tolerance. He considered himself all-powerful over Parliament, which eventually led to his deposition. He went into exile.

William of Orange (and Mary) (1689-1672): The Glorious Revolution. He was a staunch Protestant and was asked to take over the monarchy.



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  • ron February 9, 2021, 8:52 pm

    your videos are great. i have rewatched them several times. i hope you make a video elaborating on your comment about Donald trump

    • Peter Temple February 10, 2021, 6:56 am

      Thinking of doing that, but will likely need to post them on bitchute or brighteon (something other than youtube). Thanks!

  • Edward Baptiste February 22, 2021, 9:06 am

    Not quite sure about your title ” What the British Empire Cycle Predicts for today'”. Lots of history back and forth between Protestant and Catholic ascendancy but I do not see what are your conclusions from this history. Your separate litany leading to a new financial system makes very good sense and fits what is transpiring today with so called new President and perhaps unsettling political upheavals in the near future. From my take Elliottwave counts peaked yesterday (Grand Supercycle) Wave 5. You believe only Wave 3. nice head and shoulder top. Your comments always gratefully accepted

    • Peter Temple February 24, 2021, 9:20 am

      We all have to be careful with what we say on Youtube, or it gets taken down. Cycle tops are about the empire of the day. So this relates to the fact that the Vatican has been taken down as a result of them being the kingpin in the fraud in the US election, and the centre of the pedophilia network (and the Cabal) that’s also being taken down. The US is, of course, under military rule and the US Corp is bankrupt. This is a cycle top more powerful than the English top, so the atrocities are greater, as is the overall level of corruption.

      The tech stocks, which dictate the market, are at the top of the third (AMZN, AAPLE) — all need a fourth and fifth. This B wave we’re in since the 2007 cycle top is messing everything up.

  • Derek March 1, 2021, 6:23 pm

    Hello Peter. Have just caught up with this very interesting parallel.
    Debt Jubilee is a new one (for me) and am guessing you will have more to say.
    It has me wandering, do you think, would most likely occur together with the New Financial System (some time away) BUT after/well into the deflationary environment of sharemarket, real estate, etc?
    Everything will commence deflation first and then some time down the road, the solution will be unveiled; new financial system? Is that kind-of how you see this all playing out?

    • Peter Temple March 1, 2021, 6:31 pm

      I’m doing a write-up this week for my truthsage subscribers. They’re talking about NESARA running in tandem with the current system for a year. Well, I’m predicting the top of the market in a year. Both are deflationary. So, I’m starting to think that the change over to the new system will spark the downturn (or will seem to). The market coming down will be a natural occurrence, but it’s always interesting to me how these two types of events always seem to coincide. We’ll see. I’ll have more to say as time goes on.

  • Gerald Good March 10, 2021, 8:43 am

    What do you think of the You Tube presentation that claims to “debunk” your cycle theory? Guy says you do not revewal sources but when I watched your You Tube presentation you did quote sources such as Wheeler and Ice Core data.

    • Peter Temple March 10, 2021, 9:42 am

      I don’t much care; I’m appreciative of the publicity. I get attacked all the time. Many of my sources are on my recommended books page. As past executive director of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles that Edward Dewey founded in 1942, I’ve been privy to a boatload of centuries of work on the subject. And, quite frankly, you don’t need sources; you just have to look at history and climate. Two sources for the latter, and many, many sources for the former. And there are well-known historians today would are on the same page, like Peter Turchin, or David Hackett Fischer. I take great care to reveal sources in the work I do, unless restricted by time.

  • Leigh Readdy March 19, 2021, 1:58 am

    Peter, A friend just copied me you video on repeating cycles. Well done! Is there a way I can obtain copies of all your slides?
    I am a geologist having a hard time convincing people that “Global warming” is not just a one way street and that nature is cyclic in nature and heavily influenced by the sun’s cycles.
    Currently working toward compiling what is known about temperature, CO2 etc over geologic time.

    • Peter Temple March 19, 2021, 8:43 am

      Hi Leigh,
      Thanks for the kind words. As far as slides go, there are a number of reasons I can’t provide them. This is a business and they’re my tools, containing years of work, and much proprietary graphics and information. However, you can share my videos in any manner you like. I can even provide a copy of my Global Warming video, as it’s long ago gone viral. I provided it to a scientist putting out papers on climate … just this past week (it’s only about 5 mins long). I don’t know if that’s the video you’re referring to here, but there are more coming out soon (not necessarily on climate itself, but certainly on cycles, and how virtually everything that happens on Earth follows climate cycles, and more specifically electromagnetic waves).

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