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Winter is Coming

httpv:// Within days now (end September, 2015), the market is likely going into another “free fall.” The problem around the world is debt. Even though your government is telling you everything is fine, it’s not. Countries around the world have the largest debt levels in history. They’ve been able to do this because of the adoption of… Read more

When Centuries of Cycles Sync

httpv:// These are tumultuous times. Extreme weather, sky-rocketing stock markets that don’t match the underlying economy, the largest debt bubble in history, civil war around the world … Confused as to what’s going on? Well, there are answers – simple answers. Much of what’s going on was forecast decades ago by some of the greatest… Read more

The Major 172 Year Cycle Spells Depression

httpv:// The 172 year cycle is one of the more important ones. Historically, it’s associated with financial collapse, colder climate, civil wars, social unrest, and epidemics. This cycle topped in 2007, along with the market. We’re also at the end of an even larger 516 year cycle (a climate cycle, which also has implications for major… Read more

Solar Cycles: How the Markets Turn

httpv:// Sunspots (solar flares) are responsible for the overall temperature here on Earth. When the Sun is really active, it gets hotter. When less active, it gets cooler. It’s that simple. In fact, you can see by the follow two charts of weather patterns that it was cold at the end of the 18th century… Read more

Debunking Man-Made Warming

httpv:// Man-made warming is still fairly HOT as a topic of conversation. It’s about the only thing that is hot, since the earth has been cooling for about the last fifteen years, or so. And yet, the fear-mongering continues on. Governments (who are always the last ones in, usually after the barn door has closed… Read more