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Solar Cycles: How the Markets Turn

httpv:// Sunspots (solar flares) are responsible for the overall temperature here on Earth. When the Sun is really active, it gets hotter. When less active, it gets cooler. It’s that simple. In fact, you can see by the follow two charts of weather patterns that it was cold at the end of the 18th century… Read More

The Turn in the US Markets?

Are we looking at the turn in the US markets—the top? Cycles of all sorts are suggesting a top is imminent. Below is a summary of what I’m seeing: The Largest Bubble in History Let’s start with a very sobering look at the size of this bubble (in the US stock market) and the level… Read More

Markets: View from the Top

[videojs youtube=”″ width=”540″ height=”304″] The US stock markets are one of the last markets on Earth to top. They’ve been propped up by the US Federal Reserve’s questionable decision to print obscene amounts of money and make interest rates so small that the average person (who doesn’t know any better) borrows money they can’t possibly… Read More