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How Social and Government Services will Unravel During the Next
Economic Meltdown

This is an interview I did with Dave Dubyne from ADAPT2030 during the summer of 2018. Dave runs a youtube site that is considered one of THE sites to frequent to stay on top of what’s going on with climate now and into the future.


Peter Temple of World Cycles Institute discusses the culmination of civilization, economic, society and climate cycles around 2020. This matches the Grand Solar Minimum coolest point around 2023. Its all about repeating cycles.

  • Which social and government services will cease first after an economic meltdown
  • Where will internet infrastructure be lost first
  • Which energy grids in the Northern Hemisphere will be crippled first
  • How governments are trying to control the flow of information so citizens do not panic
  • Wheeler Drought Clock and where we are now in the cycle
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