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Deflation is Everywhere!

httpv:// DEBT: The word that will become the most reviled word in the English language. It is the source of all our problems. As more and more money goes to servicing the debt, less is left for the free services we all enjoy. In fact, governments have borrowed heavily to give their constituents everything they… Read more

Are You Smarter than a Central Banker?

httpv:// There’s a broad belief in the marketplace that the economy is “coming back” from a major recession. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, the propaganda is non-stop, primarily from government sources. Governments, of course, have a vested interest in instilling confidence in the herd. In vibrant economies, the government in power gets re-elected… Read more

Cycles: The Secret to Fabulous Wealth

httpv:// Understanding how cycles influence everything that happens on Earth is the key to staying ahead of trends, climate change, the markets, and explains why societies ultimately fail. Some of the wealthiest US families have known about cycles since the 1930s but kept it to themselves. However, the science has been developed to a point… Read more