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Solar Cycles: How the Markets Turn

httpv:// Sunspots (solar flares) are responsible for the overall temperature here on Earth. When the Sun is really active, it gets hotter. When less active, it gets cooler. It’s that simple. In fact, you can see by the follow two charts of weather patterns that it was cold at the end of the 18th century… Read More

Debunking Man-Made Warming

httpv:// Man-made warming is still fairly HOT as a topic of conversation. It’s about the only thing that is hot, since the earth has been cooling for about the last fifteen years, or so. And yet, the fear-mongering continues on. Governments (who are always the last ones in, usually after the barn door has closed… Read More

How the Universe Influences Our Lives

httpv:// It’s important to keep our position in the Universe in perspective. There are forces that control our destiny that are very much larger than anything we can do here on Earth. This idea that we can control the weather on this planet to any great degree is a crazy idea … at best. Figures show… Read More

Climate: Man-Made Alarming

httpv:// Here’s the link to Harris Mann Climatology, where you’ll find a personal message for Cliff Harris and a more in-depth explanation of the chart. Here’s a link to the text from the 1922 Washington Post Article. (Sorry, I said Wall Street Journal in the video, which is my error) Let me introduce you to Dr… Read More